How to take an Enema?

  • The best time for taking Enema is in the morning 1-2 hours before breakfast or in the evening, 2 hours before dinner.
  • Fill the pot with water. The temperature should be according to the need (Please see Types of Enema). For General Cleansing, the water should be lukewarm (97oF-100oF).
  • Hang the Enema Can from a height of about 1 meter.
  • (Optional) Add the amount of herb and its extract to be dissolved in enema water (See "Herbs in Enema").
  • Apply any oil (vaseline) to �th of the enema catheter for lubrication.
  • Ensure the catheter size is comfortable. (Size 10 or 12 is fine)
  • Turn the Enema nozzle on to ensure that water coming out of the catheter in free flow without any air bubbles. Then turn the nozzle off.
  • Now, practice the posture recommended in the enema instruction booklet, and slowly insert the lubricated Enema catheter approx. � - � of its length into the rectum and turn the enema nozzle on. You will feel the water reaching in your upper rectum and left part of the intestine (colon).
  • If you feel the water is enough for intestine or if you experience a faint desire to evacuate, then turn the Enema nozzle off.
  • If you feel that the water in the pot is insufficient, turn the nozzle off and move the catheter out. Fill the Enema can once again with water; and insert the catheter back into the rectum.
  • The passage of liquid into the large intestine should take 5-15 minutes.
The complete details can be had from the instruction book which comes free with the purchase of the enema equipment. To purchase the enema kit or its individual parts such as the can, nozzle or colon tube, Click here

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