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Concept Of Pyramids And Sri Chakra

A Literature Research submitted by R.k.Gopinath
Under the Guidance of
 Dr. H.R. Nagendra

Towards the partial fulfillment of the Master's Degree in Yogic Sciences.
(12 September 2003 to 5 September 2004)
Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana 
Prashanti Kutiram, Jigni, Anekal (tq), Bangalore Rural District Karnataka, India.

Abstract: Yantra is an instrument, a machine, a store house of power. Rather it contains in itself in a controlled form (from niyantrana control) the uncontrollable power of the deity. It is of the form of chakra, the wheel representing constant movement or can also be of the form of pyramid, the form which focuses the energy into the center through its particular configuration.

The bio energy or prana or bio plasma as it is popularly called has to be a form of the same universal energy which creates and sustains all forms of matter and energy. It is here that the pyramid becomes an important tool to us. The pyramids have two unique qualities: the first is that the geometry of pyramids traps a very strong pranic field inside. Secondly the organism inside it is tuned automatically to absorb it. These aspects of pyramids are amazing..

While doing the detailed study on Yantras one can see that, as mentioned in this report both pyramids and sri cakra are known as yantras as they are the instruments which absorb the energy and thus can be used in various ways. They are the representatives of the microcosmic world.

Here in this report attempt has been made to give a short spectrum of the knowledge about the pyramids. It gives a broad view of how the pyramid and the sri cakra work and how can one prepare them and install to get more benefits.

In India Pyramid word is mention in the Rigveda as a structure to perform some Vedic rituals and it evaluated into sacred architecture to the house of lord, depicting the macrocosm. Thus came the evolution of pyramidal shape in temples, which is included in this report.

Pyramid yantra is a very helping tool in distant healing, pranic healing, reiki, spiritual healing and many others as it is a tool which has a unique power to resonate with the cosmic energy, which is very helpful in obtaining better results in healing. The sri cakra is conceived as siva-sakti in the macrocosmic and also in the microcosmic aspects i.e. As the cosmos and as individual both.

The point in the primary triangle transforms itself through a series of lines, triangles, circles and squares to form the great sri cakra which is nothing but are presentation of the supreme consciousness in its various levels.

General applications and benefits of the pyramids is then described. Also the significance of the bindu and the trikona in the sri cakra are mentioned.

The later part contains in brief about the deities associated with all the nine cakras of the sri cakra. Though the topic is very vast, but this report is a small attempt to put together all possible details related to pyramid and sri cakra.


Summary & Conclusion: The effect of pyramid has been observed by documenting the inhibition effect on the growth of microbes.

Wooden pyramids were found to perform better than fiberglass pyramids with respect to inhibition of bacterial growth in milk. This has been demonstrated both by the curve. We believe that natural materials tend to show better energy characteristics than synthetic materials. The Great Pyramids of Giza, built entirely with natural materials have been associated with a wide variety of energy patterns as documented by various authors and investigators (12).

Among wooden pyramids, the octal form was better than the square and small-square pyramids. The only exception to this was seen in bi-fi-dio-bacterial counts where the wooden square model scored over the small-square and octal forms. The superiority of the octal form over the other two can be possibly attributed to increasing pyramidal faces being more energy trapping than fewer faces. This supposition can be further studied by observing the effects of inhibition by triangular and hexagonal pyramids and cones.

The super structures (rajagopuras) in Hindu temples and buddhist stupas have been traditionally designed in a pyramidal or conical shape to concentrate the cosmic energy in the icon placed in the sanctum sanctorum below it (16). It is possible that this concentrated energy is what heals the mind and the soul and in turn the body also, when the devout visit such places of worship and prayer (18).

We are not presently able to attribute any known cause to this inhibitory effect. There have been many publications in attempting to explain the energy of the pyramid and its effects (13). However, we intend to consider the cause-and-effect theories to explain this phenomenon, which have been propounded earlier by many theorists (14).

It is known that microbes move to selected places in a growth container, which in turn has an effect on evaluation of the microbial count. This effect known as a "curvature effect", can affect bacterial counts by way of the sampling process not reaching out to corners of the containers. This has however, been taken care of, by swirling the container and ensuring even mixing of the milk in the containers prior to drawing samples for analysis.

The differences in results that may be expected from variations of the samples can be ruled out since the milk used in the test and control specimens has been sourced from the same bulk sample.

The shape effect that has been documented (15, 16) in certain test procedures following differences in shapes of test containers. This however has been negated by use of containers for holding the samples made of the same material and of same sizes.

The Yantra and Mantra theory (15) can propound a logical explanation to explain the results observed. Under this theory, the pyramid becomes an instrument through which the all pervading prana-shakti gets focused into the material kept underneath. The preservation energy (prana) involved in inhibition of bacterial growth and preservation of milk has been written about in many texts, doctrines and write-ups (17). We propose that this energy is being concentrated by the pyramidal structure and aids in preservation of the material kept below it. The pyramid itself becomes an instrument through which the cosmic energy is getting concentrated into the material placed underneath and exerts positive effects like preservation.

Speciation of the various bacteria that are seen in fermentation of milk have not been done. We have been able to successfully demonstrate the effect of pyramid energy on the total bacterial count and also on selected bacteria like lactobacilli, lactic streptococci and bifido-bacteria. Further study in this direction and bacterial speciation may help in understanding the intricacies of the pyramid power.

We conclude that pyramids are great sources of unseen positive energy and can be utilized for various purposes like preservation, pollution reduction and understanding and elevation of the human consciousness.

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Summary & Conclusion

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