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Literature Research on Yoga And Diet According To Spiritual Lore

Avinash M (M Sc), Sanjay K (M Sc.), Nagarathna R* (MD., FRCP) Dean,
 Division of yoga and life science, Deemed University, 
Recognized by Government of India,
 Ministry of HRD, New Delhi and Nagendra H R (ME, PhD) Vice Chancellor.


Abstract :Yoga is one of the oldest science which is about 5000 yrs old. References of yoga even found in Upanisads (Kaohopanisad). In yoga there is a concept of diet which is helpful in spiritual growth it is said that food has effect on our mind so, yogis used to eat only that food which is helpful for the is spiritual growth, this food was called sattvic food. Sattvic food is wholesome vegetarian food which doesn’t agitate your mind and nourishes your consciousness.

A balanced diet according to the modern concept is a diet which includes all the five basic food groups and the given amount of energy required by a healthy individual /day, as each food group has an essential role to play.

In this study we have tried to put both the concepts the yogic concept which says about sattvic food and the modern concept says about the total energy as per they are given.


Summary & Conclusion :I would like to conclude with a health motto, i.e., "Eat to live, not live to eat” It is best if we understand that the purpose of eating is to supply our body with the life force or Prana, the vital life energy. So the greatest nutritional plan for the Yoga student is the simple diet of natural fresh foods. However, a true yogi has to go a step further than this. He has to be concerned with the subtle effect that food has on his mind and astral body. He has therefore to avoid foods which are over-stimulating and select those foods, which render the mind calm and the intellect sharp.

For seriously considering a change towards the yogic diet, the change has to be made gradually. Start by replacing with larger portions of vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts until finally all flesh products have been completely eliminated from the diet. The Yogi’s diet will help us attain a high standard of health, keen intellect and serenity of mind. Yogis say that a growing liking for pure, wholesome, nourishing food is part of a student's spiritual unfoldment and that progress in yoga and purity of diet go together.

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Summary & Conclusion

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