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Concept Of Pancakosa According To Yoga And Spiritual Lore

A Dissertation Submitted By
P. M. Kesavan
Under the guidance of Dr. H. R. Nagendra and Dr. R. Nagarathna
Towards the partial fulfillment of
Master Of Science (Yoga)
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana  (SVYASA)
(A Deemed University Recognized By UGC Govt. of India through HRD)
#19 "Ekanth Bhavan" Gavipuram Circle, Kempegowda Nagar, Bangalore 560 019, India.


Abstract: This report commences with the relevance and need "CONCEPT OF PANCAKOSA" in this 21st century, where the Eastern Wisdom and Western Science wish to join hands and work together to promote new inventions through

scientifically researched results establishing that a communion of the modern scientists and our seers are able to nullify the imbalances and it's adverse effects on universe. This approach will also promote Dharma, peace and happiness.

Kosa means a covering. The self is covered by five sheaths. This is explained as conversations between Varuna and Bhrgu. It is followed by the knowledge from other scriptures and upanishads. The science of illnesses according to scriptures, mainly with the yogic concept of diseases, has also been discussed.

The integrated approach to psychosomatic illness with the three bodies in consideration has also been dealt with at length. An attempt has also been made to understand the interaction among the kosas and the importance of the concept of sauca in relation to their proper functioning.

Thus the report is an attempt to understand one's own true self from the Upanishadic point of view..

Summary & Conclusion: The self is covered by the five sheaths, viz., Annamaya Kosa, Pranamaya Kosa, Manomaya Kosa, Vijnanamaya Kosa and Anandamaya Kosa. The fact that one sees, thinks, feels, etc. indicates the presence of 'I'. The functioning of these sheaths proves the presence of the self.

At a time when communication technology has closed the gap between people of all nations, the decline in moral and spiritual values has increased the sense of separation, isolation and confusion for many people. Although science has freed the human mind from irrational thinking and superstitious fears, it has "enslaved it within the confines of physical phenomena" covering the self.

Over the years, this knowledge of our true self has been present only in the pages of scriptures but with the growing interest in the knowledge given to us by the sages, our proper understanding of the self has opened up new avenues in the understanding of not only the diseases confronting the mankind but also in our spiritual evolution. However, there is still a long way to go before this ultimate knowledge can be made use of in our daily life to reach a perfect state of harmony with our true self.

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Summary & Conclusion

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