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Literary Research on Concept of Meditation according to texts of yoga and spiritual lore

Karuna Murthy S ( M Sc . ) , Nagarathna R* (M D ., FRCP) Dean , Division of yoga and life science and Nagendra H R ( M E, PhD ) Vice Chancellor, Deemed University, Recognized by Government of India , Ministry of HRD , New Delhi , India.

Abstract :The mind that dwells on sense-objects gets stuck in them. The mind that remembers me constantly gets dissolved in me; says Krishna to Uddhava Gita in Bhagavata.

Meditation according to Swami Vivekananda, is one of the great means of controlling the rising of these (thought) waves. By meditation, you can make the mind subdue these waves.

According to Yoga Vasistha, Brahman, the Absolute, manifests itself in the world. Everything originates out of, exists in and finally merges into Brahman. His emphasis is more on control of breath, pranayama, and control of mind and the attainment of Jnana or self-knowledge.

According to Advaita Vedanta, Meditation on ‘OM’ is, thus, well recognized in the Upanishads. In fact, the Mandukya starts saying that its object is to expound the significance of ‘OM’kara, sketches the method of identifying the components of the sound ‘OM’ with the aspects of the Self, and thereby realizing the truth as non-duality.

Meditation (Dhyana) is the seventh limb of the Patanjali’s astanga yoga. Dharana matures into dhyana or meditation. Meditation consists in an unbroken flow of a thought towards the object of concentration.


Summary & Conclusion :(1) All yogic practices including meditations aim at disappearance of the mind in self.

(2) ‘Sarve Manonigraha Laksanantah ‘ so living the mind to the absolute silence is yoga according to yoga Vasistha ’ Manah Prasamanopayah Yogah’

(3) Whatever calms down our mind can be called as meditation

(4) Whether it may be ancient or modern, whether it may be Eastern or Western, whether it can be science or art

(5) Different types of meditations are relevant for different types of mind

(7) For an emotive mind meditation of love is needed; for a mind of reasoning self introspection is the meditation.

(8) For a mind of will power pranic meditation is needed.

(9) But the goal of all meditations is to ending the mind to absolute silence

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