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Concept of Mula Bandha according to Yoga and Spiritual lore

Narendra, Nagarathana R, Nagendra H R.
Swami Vivekananda yoga research foundation Bangalore, India.

Abstract This report aims to present a systematic description about the Mula Bandha. Today, however, the necessity and demand for powerful practices by which we can regain balance and stability in this modern stressful age has stirred the hearts of the spiritual masters to release the higher and more potent yogic techniques for who ever wants and needs them. Bandhas are the Hatha Yoga practices can be described as psychic knots.

One can attain the higher spiritual state through the practices of the Bandhas. There are three classic Bandhas: Mula, Unniyana, and Jalandhara bandha. When practised together they are called Tri-Bandhas. There are various forms of Yogic Mudras. This report attempts to give a brief summary of bandhas given in Gheranna Samhita, Hatharatnavali, Hatha Yoga Pranapika and shiva Samhita.
This report commences with some general ideas about Mula bandha. Then the important texts which talk about Mula Bandha and the different Bandhas as also mentioned in these texts are given. The aim of the Mula bandha is also mentioned. The report gives the concept of MulaBandha found in Gheranna Samhita, Hatharatnavali, Hatha Yoga Pranapika and shiva Samhita in Sanskrit. The transliteration of the Sanskrit and the meaning of the verses are also presented.


Summary & Conclusion :Bandhas are internal energy valves which when activated allow the energy to flow through the area activating the dormant potential of spirit while embodied they have been richly dealt in our yogic scriptures they have their own neurological endocrinological effect. The subtle pranic effect of the bandhas is now used as therapy.

However it has its own limitations with the benefits far exceeding the limitations, the present world is finally looking up to this yogic practice for getting rid of physical and mental problems.

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Summary & Conclusion

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