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Concept of Chakras and Corresponding Qualities

Mohapatra Raja Santosh Kumar
Under the guidance of H R Nagendra., M.E., PhD,
Shirley Telles., M.B.,B.S., Ph.D (Neuro)
Vivekananda Yoga Mahavidyapeetham (VYOMA)
Swami Vivekananda yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (sVYASA), Bangalore.
(Deemed University, Recognized by U.G.C. Govt. of India through HRD)

Abstract: Chakras are centers of shakti in pranamaya kosa that receive and send information and prana shakti, connecting nerves, hormones and emotions. The subject of chakras as such is very vast. So this report tries to give a brief summary of various aspects of chakras especially from yogic asanas point of view.

The report commences with the history of the Chakra system. It is followed by the understanding of these energy centers in relation to body and mind. The concepts of kundalini, Granthi and Nadis as enumerated by our ancient rishis and munis have also been looked into.

Each Chakra then has been described with emphasis on the mental and physical issues. Yogic asanas especially helpful in alleviating the conditions have also been discussed. A sincere attempt has been made to cover the research work done by modern scientists on chakras. 
Thus the report attempts on the whole to provide a bird's eye view of a vast subject.


Summary & Conclusion: Chakras have a subtle aspect of existence. They cannot be understood by simple book reading. Rather than trying to understand charkas through the words written or said one should and must experience through personal experience.

At present we are going through a change over phase were science has came out through its water tight compartments and has started looking to the knowledge of energy propounded by our ancient rishis with renewed interest. It is this new found interest that is opening up new horizons as far as chakras are concerned. Chakras and kundalini are now reinvestigated for their power to heal and open up channels of unbound, infinite source of shakti within our physical frame of existence. 

New research in this field has certainly established the existence and power of chakras. However there is still a wide scope for research. Science has for the time being certainly placed itself in a position where the mystery of divine, infinite shakti can be understood.

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Summary & Conclusion

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