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Colon Cleansing

Nowadays, people are getting more aware and cautious about their total health - both external as well as internal health. Colon cleanliness is very good for problems concerning bowels, the intestines and digestion related health disorders.

The process of colon cleansing also helps to develop a good skin texture, an excellent feeling of well-being and a surge of inner confidence.

Constipation and obesity are very common disorders, which are seen all over the world. Colon cleansing has shown amazing results to ward of these problems. Now, let's see how it is done and explore the different methods that make this process simple and easy to do.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics (that is how people know it) are a very useful and effective method for colon cleansing. In this method, a tube is inserted through the anus, which is long enough to reach deep into the colon. Be aware to use a proper tube so that it does not hurt the rectum. However, this process is not done at home, so do find yourself a good therapist. Through the tube, 1-5 gallons of water is filled into the colon; this depends on person to person. Minerals, essential oils and other substances can also be used to remove the fecal matters.

Although this technique is effective, it carries with it some risks too. The tube that is inserted can cause some infections or even cause a small tear in the large intestine. This process can also drain out some vital minerals along with the water and fecal matter. Therefore, before trying out this method consult a good doctor and use the right products.


Enema is a very popular method used for colon cleansing. This method came into existence long back and became popular because of its easy procedure and low risk. This method is mostly used at home and very effective for constipation related problems.

This process uses a small tube, which is then inserted through the anus into the rectum to clean up the bowels. The water is rushed through the tube; with water many other substances can be used depending on the problem. We will see some amazing recipes for colon cleansing in the enema recipes section. This process is very efficient for cleaning the fecal matter in the lower portion of the intestine.

As this process involves the insertion of tube in the anus, which some people find very embarrassing. But seeing the results and how good it is for keeping a person healthy, home enemas are a convenient way out.


This process of cleansing the bowels is a convenient method that is used for normal constipation problems. Laxatives are taken orally and normally taken in night after dinner. This process makes the stool soft as well and contracts the intestinal muscles to further help bowel movements.

This method is useful for occasional constipation but is not recommended for constant problems. Although it clears up the system, it does not properly clear the fecal matter from the intestinal wall.

Laxatives have a risk of causing dehydration if not used in the proper amount and can cause intestinal cramps.

Herbal Colon Cleansers

This cleansing process is inexpensive and helps to fight short-term constipation. However, it is not actually effective for removing impact feces from the colon. Psyllium is one such herbal cleanser that is used in this process. It causes the stool to get larger in volume and hence make the colon contract, pushing it out.

Although these cleansers cause the contraction of the colon, they do not really cleanse the colon in the true sense.

Oxygen Based Colon Cleansing

The advocates of Oxygen based cleansers consider this to be an effective way of colon cleansing. Why is this process so effective? This method is administered orally in the form of capsules and carries activated oxygen which is a crucial element for the cell to eradicate most of the fecal matter. This method is good for constipation and most importantly can be used for long term colon cleansing and colon rejuvenation.

Oxygen cleansing removes almost all the toxin agents inside the intestine and removes constipation problems without causing dehydration and uneasiness. It is said to be a risk free method and can be used freely without any fear associated with other procedures.

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