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Enema and Constipation Cure

Constipation is a very common disorder found in people around the world. This problem can arise from several things like eating habits, less drinking of water, using a lot of drugs, and many more. Constipation is associated with the bowel movement, when people have difficult and painful bowel movements. It causes the stool to get hard and dry, which causes the stool to pass in small amounts. As the intestine never gets clear, it results in the build up of toxins in the colon.

However, there is no fixed amount of bowel movements in a day; sometimes people are confused if they don't have regular bowel movements. It can vary from person to person but if they are feeling uncomfortable, sluggish and bloated, it might be a constipation problem.

The main causes of constipation are lack of exercise and a poor diet and people can find a permanent relief if they understand its causes, prevention, and treatment. However, this problem happens with everyone at some point of time or another but usually stays temporarily and is not serious if taken proper care of.

Who gets constipated?

Surveys show that around 3 million people suffer from constipation in the United States itself; now just imagine what that figure may be for people around the world. Although it happens to almost everyone but adults, especially women, have a higher risk of getting this problem. Even pregnant women are very prone to constipation, even following childbirth or surgery.

It is a very common gastrointestinal complaint throughout the world. This problem has become a common cause of our lifestyle due to poor diet, lack of exercise and worries. Other factors, which can cause constipation, can be irritable bowel syndrome, excessive use of laxatives, medications or other diseases.

One way to help overcome this disorder is by taking a proper and well-balanced high fiber diet that may include whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, bran and beans. Other factors of help are regular exercise, drinking a lot of water, proper time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not forcing nor ignoring bowel movement.

Mostly, people get relief with laxatives if they are having chronic constipation; but a proper and permanent solution for constipation is Colon Cleansing. Colon cleansing was most popular with people suffering with constipation before the introduction of drugs. However, most laxatives cause some harm to the stomach, small intestine, nervous system and colon as a side effect of solving constipation. In addition, laxatives don't provide the body with biochemical balance or a state of optimal functioning.

This is where Enemas come in. Enemas are an easy and very reliable method for colon cleansing. Enemas are as natural as brushing our teeth to maintain the health of our gums and teeth. The fact is that a healthy digestive system is the way to good health. One can stay young and even healthy in old age if the bowels are moving regularly and smoothly.

Enemas, which are now getting very popular, cause no side effects and are easy to do. This method is very effective for constipation and should be used instead of laxatives, which may, in some way, be harmful and not thorough. Enemas wash up your colon and take out all toxins and fecal matter. This process loosens up the stool and makes the colon contract, which eliminates constipation.

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