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Anal Fissures and its treatment with Enema

When the anal canal gets hurts or some damage is done, it results in Anal Fissures. This anal problem mostly occurs due to the overstretching of anus, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel or any other disorder that results in an inflamed anus.

This disorder can arise at any age and occurs in both males and females. The major symptoms include pain, which is often extreme and/or the passing of stool with bright red blood.

The healing process of anal fissures is quite exhaustive and people end up with surgeries. However, this problem can be cured without surgeries and this can be done through proper food habits and a proper routine of bowel habits. People try everything possible like medicated creams, laxatives, high fiber diets and a lot of water, but often give up and resort to needless surgery. Surgery is not really good and as you age, it can result in unconditionally difficult bowel movements.

Colon cleansing is an amazing method for healing and curing anal fissures. Enemas are a very safe and secure process for colon cleansing. If your colon is clean, it will definitely speed up the healing process and make your anal area strong enough to fight fissures. The cleaning process not only provides you with a clean rectal area, but also a useful break from bowel movements for about 1-3 days, which allows the anus to heal up.

This process also softens the stool, which also helps in the healing process. This form of colon cleansing can be used whenever a person feels that the anal or rectal area needs rest from its daily routine.

People have been undergoing enemas for several years for effective colon cleansing and have discovered them as excellent ways to heal anal fissures economically and effectively. Moreover, enemas are safe and easy to do and one can do it at home. Remember... a well functioning and clean colon is the way to good health.

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