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Enema is as natural as brushing your teeth. You don't worry about the naturalness of brushing your teeth because everybody is doing it everyday.

We brush our teeth to remove decaying food particles and other toxic waste accumulated in the dentures, insides of the mouth and the tongue.

We brush our teeth and clean our mouth not because it is natural or unnatural, but because it needs to be cleaned.

Similarly, we should clean the bowel not because it is natural or unnatural, but because it needs to be cleaned. It is as simple as that.

Don't worry whether the others are also doing it or not. Go ahead and live your life. Go ahead and have your enema at your convenience to suit your lifestyle. There are people, having normal bowel movement, who also have their regular quota of enema just for the experience. There are many enema enthusiasts who use a variety of recipes for enema, exotic names like Mae West Coffee Enema, Catnip Enema, Cayenne Enema and even Wine Enema.

One enthusiast says, "While it does sometimes takes upwards of an hour out of my evening, I feel it's time well spent, as my needs are taken care of for the next 24 hours, the feeling of being empty is exhilarating, and there's no fear of feeling stuffy during class. Plus, it does help keep the weight down, something all dancers (especially those of us who are adults returning to dance or skating)."

An enema is considered a natural because you are rinsing your bowel, unlike in laxatives or suppositories. Moreover, with a laxative you can't be sure if you have finished with it, forcing you to carrying your worry wherever you go.

Q: What equipment is needed?

A stainless steel irrigation can is easier to use, easier to prepare the enema solution and clean up after use. You can use them for a lifetime. It is easy for stirring, in case you want to add some special ingredients, neem powder, any other antiseptic, or you may want to try any of the recipes.

Q: Why is a stainless steel irrigation can better than a bag?

An enema bag can be used only once because intestinal pressure can cause reflux, sending the colon waste into the bag. That is why the hospitals never reuse the enema bags.

A stainless steel irrigation can is easy to clean and dry. An enema bag cannot be properly cleaned and dried.

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