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Enema Bags Vs Enema Cans??

Often, there is confusion whether to buy the enema kit with a bag or then, whether to buy one with the steel can.

As far as the price is concerned, Enema Bags are cheaper than Enema Cans.

But that�s about where the advantage of Enema Bags ends�.

The Enema Bag has several disadvantages:

  1. Cleaning: The enema bags are difficult to clean from the inside. The can has no such problem and provides clinical

  2. hygiene

  3. Refilling: Bags are difficult to refill during an enema session. For a good enema session you would need to refill your container. Refilling the Enema Can sitting on a counter top is so much easier.

  4. Undesirable odors: Most of the bags are made of rubber latex. These have an undesirable odor, something totally absent in Stainless Steel Cans.

  5. Latex allergies: Enema bags should be avoided by anyone prone to latex allergies.

  6. Messy: It is not uncommon to find the soft enema bags falling off the hook or tipping over from the top. No such problems with the Can.

  7. Height adjustment difficulty: Enema bags have to be hung on bathroom pegs, most of which are at a fixed height. Enema Cans can be placed on table tops or counter tops giving the necessary flexibility for an enema session.

Even if choosing a bag, the fountain enema bag (with open top) should be preferred to the hot-water bottle �convertible� type bag. This is because the hot water bottles are even more difficult to clean � something totally undesirable for enema applications.

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