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Should I / Should I Not Fast ?

Myth - Fasting Weakens the Body

Danger signals in fasting are caused by extreme negativity and fear towards "possible weakening effects" on the body. Fasting by itself does not weaken the body. This fear and anxiety, however, causes mental and nervous depression which is bound to react disastrously on the system. Therefore, fasting must be approached with a positive attitude - that it is an act which helps in the elimination of toxins.

Fear of Fasting Unfounded

It is now fully proved by the thousands who have fasted for long periods ranging from forty to ninety days that death in such cases is not due to actual starvation. The real cause must be fear and apprehension- proving again that the things we fear, we materialize.

Danger Signals in Fasting

As curative fasts usually extend beyond 3 days, fasting must be practiced under the guidance of a trained practitioner or naturopath. Other signals include rapid and prolonged loss of weight.

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