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Reactions Caused by Fasting

Gas Formation : One of the common symptoms exhibited after starting on a fast is excessive gas production accompanied by rumbling in the bowels and colicky pains.

Temperature : In many instances, the temperature rises during the first day of the fast and sometimes a slight febrile condition prevails during the entire period or subsides after a few weeks. In other cases a lowering of the temperature below normal is observed. All these and similar reactions are not of a serious nature.

Cotton Mouth : Another unpleasant but perfectly natural symptom is the gathering of thick and sticky viscous accumulations of saliva in the mouth.

Bilious Vomiting : In some cases where the liver has been enlarged and gorged with morbid accumulations, bile gets discharged in large quantities into the intestine and from there it regurgitates into the stomach, causing bilious vomiting of an extremely offensive character. This symptom is more terrifying than dangerous. It is a rather unpleasant but nevertheless an effective way of "house cleaning".

Offensive Sweat odour : Another unpleasant symptom which we frequently observe during prolonged fasting is a very offensive odor of perspiration, which indicates vigorous elimination of pathogenic materials through the skin.

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