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What do I Eat ?

The ideal food is the food of a yogi. Popular yoga recognizes the constraints associated with a modern life and emphasizes on the concept of a balanced diet, so that you can still have your occasional burgers or cakes.

For a diet to become balanced, you must include salads, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts in your daily menu plan.

Salads: Any vegetable eaten raw is a salad. These may include sprouted lentils and fruits, with or without dressing.

A Balanced Diet comprises of the following food groups.
  • CarbohydratesThe bulk energy providers
  • Proteins The body building foods
  • FatsThe concentrated energy sources,
  • VitaminsThe functional foods
  • MineralsThe functional foods
  • SproutA very essential component for an effective balanced diet is Sprout
CARBOHYDRATES: The bulk energy provider

Carbohydrates are available commonly in the form of starch, glucose, cane sugar, milk, etc. Grains, roots, and tubers are composed of starch which is a complex carbohydrate. Wheat and corn form the chief sources of this food group...More

FATS: The concentrated energy source

Weight, more than twice the energy provided by either protein or carbohydrate, imparts palatability to the diet and retards stomach emptying time. Fats are important for the absorption of vitamin A and ß-carotene in the diet. Fats derived from vegetable sources provide essential fatty acids which have vitamin-like functions in the body and are important for the structure & function of cells and tissues...More

PROTEINS: The body building foods

Protein content is a measure of adequacy & quality of a diet. The proteins are broken down into amino acids and partly absorbed as such. These amino acids and proteins are needed for various body functions like tissue building, replacement of depleted proteins, & synthesis of functional molecules like enzymes, hormones, and antibodies...More

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