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Menu Planning For Fat Person


Obesity is becoming a common health hazard and leads to many other diseases like coronary heart disease , high blood pressure, diabetes, psychosomatic disorders and a shorter life span. The main cause of obesity is excessive eating. The best method to control weight is to reduce the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat and increase the supply of mineral and vitamins, and also increase exercises.

Yogic Cure

The natural way to lose weight involves body purification ( nature cure), yogasanas, and mental and spiritual management. The biggest advantage of this system of cure is that the individual does not have to undergo fasting and feel any weakness. Also the reduction of weight is gradual so that the person does not feel any loss of strength. Due to gradual reduction there is no sagging of facial skin and conditioning of the body takes place simultaneously . The yogic method may take longer in correcting excessive weight as compared to gimmicks claiming to reduce weight in matter of days and weeks through usage of various pills, gadgets etc. , which cause various disorders and do serious physical- mental harm to the users. The yogic method reduces weight in a lasting and a permanent way. It does not cost a penny. There is no disturbance in normal way of life.

The Asanas recommended are:
  • Surya Namskar (Sun salutation) - exercises every part of the body. 6-8 sets daily help a lot.
  • Uttanpadasan ( Raising the legs) - reduces obesity of thighs, hips and other parts of the body.
  • Urdhavhast- Uttanasan (Raising half arms) - reduces fat from lower part of body
  • Katichakrasan ( Hip twist) - develops sleek waist.
  • Hastuttanpadasn ( Hands touching raised legs) - reduces fat of abdomen , hips , thighs and arms
  • Sarvangasan ( Shoulder stand) - strengthens lungs and heart.
  • Dhanurasan (Bow pose) - benefits abdomen.
  • Shavasan ( Corpse pose) - relaxes the body.
  • Halasan (Plough pose) - makes legs flexible.
  • Naukasan (Boat pose) - strengthens shoulders, neck, back and legs.
Each asan should be practised 5 times with retaining each position from 10 -15 seconds. You should relax between 2 asans. All or some of the asans in which you feel comfortable can be done.

Mental and Spiritual management -

Deep breathing should be done as it helps to quiet down body and mind. Meditation for short period also benefits.

Nature Cure :

This method of cure involves body purification. This method lightens the body and makes it free from toxins and morbid matter which in turn results in problem free weight loss. The procedures are

  • Full body dry friction - for 10 minutes daily
  • Hip bath/ Mud pack (Abdominal) - 15 minutes daily
  • Enema (Colon irrigation) - with luke warm water, alternate days
  • Steam bath - 20 minutes , twice in a week.
  • Hot Foot bath - 20 minutes, 5 days per week.
Diet Recommendation

In the morning (after passing stool) - Drink 1/2 lemon juice and 1teaspoon of honey with a glass of water.

Breakfast : ( 7- 9 a.m.) -
1 Fruit (any seasonal one )
1 cup Sprouts (Germinated Alfalfa or Moong or Black gram)

11-12 a.m. -
Juice (of any seasonal fruit)

Lunch : (1-3 p.m.)-
- Chapati or wheat bread
- 1 bowl Boiled vegetable
- Salad (Mixture of Cucumber , radish, cabbage, carrot etc.)

Dinner (7-8 p.m.)-
- Porridge without milk
- Boiled vegetables
- Salad

At Bedtime-
Take 2 teaspoon of wheat bran / Isabgol with a glass of water.

Foods For You

You should avoid

  • Milk products
  • White flour (Maida) products
  • Cold drinks & Alcohol
  • Banana & Cheeku
  • Excessive Rice and Pulses
  • No meat except light fish(if necessary) not more than twice a week.
  • Spinach, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Jack fruit
  • Hot Foot bath - 20 minutes, 5 days per week.

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