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Organic Foods – The Healthy Foods

What are Organic Foods ?

Organic foods’ are health foods grown without the use of synthetic/ chemical treatments. These treatments start right from the seed and continue till the food is consumed. There is no legal definition of what all items are included in the term ‘organic food’ , so many storekeepers or roadside vendors may be claiming to supply ‘organic produce’. Even if they haven’t used chemicals or insecticides / pesticides on the foodstuff, there’s a lot more to be considered before the food can be claimed ‘organic’.

Are Organic Foods Healther than Convential Foods ?

But here, ‘healthier’ does not necessarily mean more nutritious. It means safer for human consumption.This means that growing a food organically doesn’t alter the the nutritional content but the lack of synthetic pesticidal & insecticidal residues on organically grown foods surely makes it a safer product.

But it is to be understood that organic food itself is not guaranteed free of pesticide residues. Even the most carefully grown organic products may get contaminated from residues coming from the soil from previous farming practices or from contaminated water supplies.

Is Organic Food “Eco-Friendly’?
For sure !

Although we can’t certify for sure on the hazards chemical treatments in food can adversely affect our health , we can certainly talk about the environmental damages they are capable of! Going for organic produce is a positive approach & a respectable gesture of showing one’s concern for the environment.

There are stories & stories of well-documented catastrophes having their Impact on plant and animal life and disturbing the ecological balance. Extensive pollution of air & river water by synthetic chemicals has resulted in crop diseases which are resistant to chemical pesticidal treatments. Hence, it is wise enough to go in for a product which is organically grown.

Are Organic Foods not at all Treated for Pests & Insects ?
Of course not !

Organic food does get sprayed. But this spraying is not with the regular chemical insecticides & pesticides. This, is using certified biological sprays which are natural & animal or plant-based. And the quantity or the dose of these natural sprays is also very controlled else even these can leave residues in the food.

Does Organic Food Taste Better ?

More than anything else, this is an individual perception. Just as some people like sweet foods more than salted ones, here also it varies from person to person. There are people who believe that organic food tastes much better than conventional food, but again, its an individual choice!

Why is Organic Food More Expensive Than Convential Food ?

Organic produce, since it is grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides or insecticides is more labor-intensive. Also, very often the yields of an organic produce is significantly lower than that grown under non-organic conditions. The time to time certification, use of expensive sprays, training of agriculturists for organic practice etc., all contribute to the price hike.

What does the organic certification process involve? Generally, the organic farmer has to grow his crop for at least three years organically without the use of any synthetic pesticidal or chemical sprays. The farm with its complete equipment and any facilities are inspected by the certifying authority team and after the team is thoroughly convinced, it issues a certificate to classify the farm's produce as "organic". Even then, there is a regular periodical and random inspection of the farm to ascertain its continued organic practice.


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