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Food ...as you eat, so you become ......

Food and diet occupy an important place in the world of yoga and naturopathy. The effects of improper eating manifest themselves in unwanted appearance, incorrect thought, behavior and hence action.

In yoga, foods have been classified as Rajasik, Tamasik and Sattvik.
Rajasik Foods: Food of a king or of a restless and energetic disposition.

A large variety of foods having different methods of preparation such as fried, highly seasoned, or baked, form this category. Alcoholic and processed beverages as well as sweets come in here.

Disadvantages: These foods impart extra weight and fat to the body and create a feeling of uneasiness after eating.
Rajasik Foods
Tamasik Food: Food causing a lethargic disposition.

Foods, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, that are prepared with excess spices, salts and hot seasonings are Tamasik foods.

Disadvantages: These foods perpetuate laziness and people eating these are characterized by a rough and intolerant temperament.
Tamasik Food
Sattvik Food: Food of a Yogi...

Foods which are cooked with minimum amount of spices or seasonings and are fresh are sattvik foods. These foods retain their nutritive value as they are cooked in a very simple fashion one of the most powerful & delicious foods which have tremendous benefit on the overall system is sprout. Yoga recommends such foods.
Sattvik Food
Myth or Reality?

Non vegetarian food is Tamasik, while vegetarian food is Sattvik.

A definite MYTH!
No food by itself is rajasik, tamasik or sattvik. It is the preparation which makes it so. Vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes etc., if cooked with a lot of spices become tamasik while fresh boiled chicken cooked in a simple fashion becomes sattvik.

Food GroupRecommended Intake (Serving/d)Service Zone

Cereal/ Bread/ Millets 6-1125-30 gms

Fruits 2-350-100 gms

Vegetables 3-550-100 gms

Milk & milk products 2-325-30gms/ 150 ml

Meat/Fish/Poultry/Pulses 2-325-30gms/75-150 ml

Fat/ Oil 35 gms

Sugar3-55 gms

Water6-8150 ml

Eat !

Whole grains, yam, oatmeal, millets, brown rice.

Raw veggies, salads, amla (gooseberry), spinach, papaya, lettuce.
Don't Eat !

White bread, french fries, cakes, biscuits.

Heavy salad dressings, veggies with cream sauce.

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