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Freedom from sinusitis....Naturally

How the natural practice of "jalaneti" can change your life forever by kicking off sinusitis and nasal allergies for good!!

“It's made a big difference in my life, providing instant relief for my sinuses that lasts all day.”
-- Mark Simon,
Wayne,  PA

This  is what jalaneti can do to your life!!

  Suffering from sinusitis and allergies such as hay fever and common cold can be quite agonizing as many of us who suffer from it would vouch for.  
What makes the whole suffering unacceptable is the fact that in most cases it is needless. Did I say needless?? Sure, and I'm not talking of drugs, antibiotics that are not only expensive but also leave some terrible hangovers WITHOUT really providing any permanent relief.
It is amazing how many people suffer from sinusitis and yet are so ignorant of the "miraculous" practice of "jalaneti". What is more unbelievable is that this practice has existed for thousands of years and is only NOW being recommended by leading practitioners of modern medicine.
To see what modern health professionals are now saying about "neti" or Saline nasal irrigation
(as it is called in English terminology) Click to Visit

To be fair, one real reason why "jalaneti" was not picked up on as a remedy was the unavailability of special "neti pots" that made the whole process unbelievably easy. Some people produced cheap imitations of the classic neti pot which ended up more like tea pots and made the whole process of flushing the nasal passages very cumbersome. Others tried doing nasal irrigation with cups!! The end result was a totally unpleasant experience using heavy, difficult to use and fragile neti pots.

We got neti pots specially handcrafted from stainless steel and designed them how they should be (with conical plugs) to make water flow effortlessly through the nasal passages. We gave detailed instruction booklets along with the pots to help people understand the process. 
What we achieved, was what we could NEVER expect!!!
Hundreds of fellow sufferers were absolutely delighted -a miraculous relief from their problems. Typical responses were like:
Thank you for your efficient service. I have received my order yesterday and I am delighted with the products. I will tell anyone I know who is interested in obtaining a high quality Neti Pot that your company is the best and sells them at the best price. Your Neti Pot has even won the praise of my wife, Maureen, (a registered nurse) who had never desired to use the nasal cleansing technique until she saw me using your product. She is convinced that it is helping her during this cold season and finds it easier to use than the ceramic pot we had before.
Dave Mooney, Valatie -NY, 

Thank you for delivery of the Neti Pot.  The pot is high quality and the instructions that accompany it are excellent.  It's made a big difference in my life, providing instant relief for my sinuses that lasts all day.
Mark Simon,
Wayne,  PA

Thank you! I am very impressed with it (the neti pot) and the booklet that you sent w/ it. It is by far & away the best instructions I have ever used.
Sandi Mourterot, Watkinsville-GA,

I did receive the neti pot. I have been using it for about 6 weeks and I am very impressed with the results. I was having infections continuously. I have not had an infection since I started using the neti pot. Thank you for the quick delivery. 
Richard McMillan, Modesto-CA, 

The neti pots have arrived, and the one I'm using works great. Thanks.
Russell Graham, Bellingham-WA

Although several people have begun realizing the phenomenal benefits of "jalaneti", much has to be done to make friends and relatives who suffer everyday aware that a 100% NATURAL RELIEF WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS EXISTS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU and the best part of it all - its ridiculously EASY!!!

You may have already bought your neti pot from us. It will be wonderful if you could help people you know by letting them know of how you’ve benefited. 

In case you’ve not bought one as yet, you can order through our online secured ordering system at   
   Order        View Cart
Price :US$ 16.95

We now accept VISA / MASTER CARDS too in addition to AMEX cards. 
What jalaneti can do for your sinuses is not just give relief – it changes your whole attitude and approach to life. No kidding! It is proven that sinusitis is one major cause of  stress and negative emotions. Besides blocked nasal passages are a sure indicator of impending health disorders and disease.

Breathing through the mouth is as natural as eating through the nose

There is no better way of treating your sinuses naturally WITHOUT any of the side effects. Over 500,000 people in the US suffer from sinusitis and many are growing resistant to antibiotics and several experience some sort of side effects.

So why not try this perfectly safe, 100% natural and proven method which is being recommended by even leading ENT Specialists worldwide.

To read more about jalaneti just Click to Visit 


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