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What Meditation is not?

Meditation is sometimes quite misunderstood and does not usually fit the bill as sometimes people perceive it to be.
  • Meditation is not contemplation.
    Contemplation involves thinking about a concept, engaging your mind in enquiring about a certain idea. But when you meditate, you don't ask the mind to think about a concept, but go beyond thought.
  • Meditation is not hypnosis or autosuggestion.
    In hypnosis, a suggestion is made to the mind, there is an attempt to programme, manipulate or control the content of the mind. But when you meditate, you simply observe the mind and let it become quite and calm, exploring and experiencing the deeper levels of your being.
  • Meditation identifies with religion.
    Meditation does not belong to any culture or religion. It is a simple method of exploring the inner dimensions of life. Some religions employ meditative practices as part of their rituals, meditation itself is far removed from any set of beliefs or the distinctions of class or creed.s
  • Meditation does not mean instant peace.

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