I`ve been completely satisfied with the service I`ve received both times I`ve ordered from you. I first heard about you from the Gerson Institiute. The stainless steel enema kit with silicone tubing is a fantastic quality product. Couldn`t be happier. Your service and shipping was quick and hassle free. I will continue to purchase from you in the future and recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for offering great quality products and providing excellent service

Craig, Victoria, Australia

 I have been very pleased with the enema kit that I ordered. The stainless steel bucket is well constructed, easy to clean, and just the right size. The rest of the set-up is also well put together. I will encourage others to buy this product if they are looking for a high quality eneman kit. Thank you!

Amy, Bloomington , IN

The product is great. I appreciate the stainless steel enema can and I like the clear hose. It is such a wonderful improvement over the rubber enema devices, as they are impossible to clean. Thanks!

Janice, San Diego, CA

 I bought a enema pot for our autistic kids.They both have improved in many ways. One of them has chronic diarrhea. The diarrhea has gotten better. I am using coconut kefir and water. Our 5 year old had his first solid BM in his life after a enema.

Shannon Tara, Canada

I love my new enema kit. I can`t believe how easy, clean and sleek it is. The package was delivered in a very timely manner as well.

Lauren, Brooklyn, NY

When I placed my order, I was kind of thinking that perhaps I could have got the product for a little less online. I couldn't find it cheaper elsewhere. I'm glad that I ordered the kit that I choose, it was the Enema Kit With Stainless Steel Can. Firstly it was made to a very high standard, secondly the instructions that were supplied were so clear and helpful. In addition to this there is a wealth of information available on the site.

K.Abram, Co Dublin, Ireland

I received my enema equipment stainless steal pot set up and used it today for the first time. I am very pleased with and happy to say that it was so much better than bag enema and cleansed my colon well. I had no trouble taking in two quarts as the sterile catheter is very comfortable and the solution ran in very slowly. I experienced no pain as I have with bag enemas. It is very sanitary as well. Clean up was very easy. I like the free instruction booklet which is very informative. The experience was a wonderful and refreshing colon cleanse.

Thank-you for shipping my order in a timely manner and I will order more products from your website in the future.

J.G, Kincheloe, MI