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Jala Neti and Yoga

Jala neti has gained popularity in the modern world due to the tremendous benefit on sinus infections.

However, it is used in Yoga as a very powerful cleansing practice to awaken higher states of meditation.

Jalaneti stimulates the pituitary gland in the brain. The full importance of this gland has still not been unraveled by modern science. However, in Yoga this has a great significance. This stimulation through jala neti leads to the 'awakening' of the Ajna Chakra which is responsible for many of the unknown functions of the brain such as clairvoyance.

To understand the Ajna Chakra, close your eyes, relax and start humming with the attention focused on the center of the forehead. The ticklish sensation that you feel in the region behind the forehead is the location of the Ajna Chakra.

It is this stimulation that is of great benefit in Yoga. In fact, in a modern parallel, jala neti has been used to treat cases of schizophrenia. This hints towards the beneficial effect of jala neti to the 'mysterious' brain.

Jala neti is most efficiently done with a jala neti pot which explains why ancient yogis used to travel of the neti pot at all times.

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