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Neti Pot – The Right Choice

Click here to Enlarge ViewThe endorsement received on Oprah has had its share of negative impact upon the humble Neti Pot too.

In this instant marketing age, the endorsement has only resulted in a sudden cluttering of offerings – poorly crafted designs without any real understanding of the procedure.

Over time, this will undoubtedly result in dissatisfied users when they find that they really don’t get it right. Many of them will end up blaming the technique when in fact it could just be a case of a poorly designed Neti Pot with no authoritative back up instructional support.

More importantly, improper usage can result in worsening of the sinus symptoms and do more harm than good.

So, in this changed scenario, someone looking to buy a neti pot should follow the following basics:

Choose a 'time-tested' supplier who has been supplying neti pots for a long time...long before the popularity through the "Oprahs" and the "Jay Lenos".

Ensure that the pot is backed up by genuine support - something that helps you get the fullest benefits and saves you from potential harm.

Good words from independent users go a long way in building confidence and this is omething that should never be ignored.

The Stainless Steel Jala Neti Pot from HealthAndYoga more than satisfies on all counts
Besides, it superior unbreakable & traditional (time tested) design, it offers a larger volume.
It is backed by authentic and caring support at every step – long AFTER your purchase:

Exhaustive FAQs from over 200 user-based questions over several years – that takes into account almost all the difficulties experienced by different kinds of users.

an instruction book that has attracted gratitude from a vast majority of users.

Option of a professionally created DVD for those who wish to learn – both the routine AND advanced technique; or then those who wish to teach (even their children)

The possibility of connecting with a community instructor in your area, should all of the above not serve your needs.

This adherence to design, support and service has attracted kind and continued encouragement from independent users across the world. (testimonials).
Quick comparison between various pots
Conditions Stainless Steel Neti Pot Plastic Neti Pot Ceramic Neti Pot
Breakable No Yes Yes
Water Capacity 500ml 200ml 150ml
Hygienic Yes No Yes
Easy to Clean Yes No No
Gaurantee Upto 180 Days No No
Good hold Grip Yes Yes No
More forced water Yes No No
Easy to Use & Light Weighted Yes Yes No
Price based on Quality Products US $ 16.95 US $ 14.00 US $ 17.95
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