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Health And Yoga News Letters
Stop Ageing : Part-II
By Arun Goel

Last week, we concluded that ageing and disease were dictated by the mind. This time, we will explore the exact steps for attaining the correct thinking and thereby control ageing.

Getting right to the point, correct thinking will be achieved by developing a positive psychological perspective. To do this:

  • Think present
  • Think beautiful
  • Think young
  • Eat right

(A) Think present

How do we know we have aged?
When we talk more of the past than of the present or future, we've become old. "When I was your age…" OR "those were the good ol' days…"

Look at your life span as having a starting point and a finishing point - you are somewhere in between. When you talk in terms of the past, you psychologically tend to view yourself towards the finishing end of the tape, because you are viewing your past at a considerable distance away. This conditions your mind to accept that you are old.

If on the other hand, you look into the future - "I'll do this after another 5years…", you convince your mind that you have a long way to go and this in turn conditions the body to let it know that it has a long way to go.

But herein lies the catch. Thinking too far into the future arouses anxiety and fear of the unknown. These emotions are detrimental to the self, so it is not advisable to think too far down the line.

The solution - Live in the Present. Past evokes death while future evokes fear and worry. Think of the past as gone and think of the future as unborn. There is no need to worry about an unborn situation. Simply because, the unborn is based on far too many variables - much more than you can imagine or be in control of.

Therefore, live for the Moment.

This is what meditation in yoga is all about. It helps you achieve this awareness of the present. When you are meditating, you are training yourself to witness your present existence only - not trying to achieve anything. Similarly when you do yoga exercises, you are supposed to be focusing only on the physical motions and on the 'chakras' for the correct stimulation of the energy centers. The important thing to note is that yoga and meditation help you live in the present.

(B) Think beautiful

You may have met certain elderly people who have a remarkable luster on their faces and the bright sparkle in their eye. If you've been lucky to meet such people you will invariably see that such people have a very positive outlook towards other people and life in general. They look beautiful because they think beautiful and this is what makes them appealing. Isn't such attractiveness a part of what we are trying to achieve by stopping ageing?

Here too, yoga is a great help. Through yoga we achieve an "expanded consciousness". It is said that the human race is as developed 'physically' as it possibly can be. The next phase of evolution will be in the mind. It is known that we effectively use only about10% of our mind as the conscious part - it is said that Einstein used about 15%.

Yoga helps achieve this expanded consciousness. As you work towards it, you will realize the inconsequentiality of petty egos and material desire. This in turn will help you to look at everything objectively and in a positive and beautiful manner.

(C) Think young

Be in young company and you will think young. It is known that a baby can laugh up to about 400 times a day while we as adults (if we're lucky) laugh about 4. Why? What is this burden that alters our natural instincts? Especially, when we hear true incidents such as that of Dr. Norman Cousins who overcame his life threatening tissue disease through laughter alone!! Ok, I'm not suggesting that you start gurgling at anything you see (no sir, I wouldn't like my subscribers being perceived as mentally challenged individuals) but what I'm definitely suggesting is that as you appreciate the perceptions of youth, this will help you think young. In turn, your body will behave young.

While it may be true that cancer kills, it is known that the anxiety and fear associated with the disease ensures the rapid deterioration of the immune system.

Is it possible, that the will to live can have a therapeutic value? Yoga definitely teaches so and the practice and results of Yoga Nidra is nothing but an underlining of this fact.

(D) Eat right

Have a "living" diet: As discussed in the previous issue, your food must complement your thought and assist in the correct thinking. It is seen that preserved and formula foods in fact never achieve the lasting purpose they are made for. At best, they may provide a temporary benefit, which is followed by greater malady.

Eat simply and live in harmony with nature. Foods such as sprouts, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits are known as "living" foods. They have the power to regenerate the cells of the body and mind. Nuts and other whole foods also come in this category. To read about the correct foods, you can always read one of our previous newsletter issues by clicking here

These "correct" foods in turn promote "correct" thinking - the thinking we are seeking to achieve that ONE quest from time immemorial - maintaining the fountain of youth.

I hope this article provides a clearer direction and helps you practice yoga and meditation with the right perspective.

Warm wishes,
Arun Goel

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