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Heart Meditation Balances Pluto Energy

Question: What do you see for 2007 regarding a global unification of the heart?

I wish I could give you a smooth prediction for 2007 but it certainly will have the elements of transformation of the heart involved and it will be global. From an astrological point of view (Western) Pluto is the planet that will create major changes in 2007 and 2008. It is about to merge (conjunct) with the galactic center which is 26,000 light years away from earth in the constellation of Sagittarius around 26 degrees. The energy that makes up the galactic center is much more concentrated and expansive. When you think of the heart being at the center of the body and pumping blood throughout the body we could say that the heart of our solar system is the galactic center which distributes energy throughout the universe. This concentrated energy could be compared to the state of Samadhi that one experiences in the deepest aspect of the mind in meditation which is the inner most refined limb of Yoga. 

Pluto represents anything hidden or underground. All of the areas of life that involve Pluto will no longer be able to stay in a state of denial. Pluto represents petroleum oil, taxes, joint finances, sex, pornography, the unconscious mind, Shiva, birth and death, transformation, drug trafficking, terrorism, other people's money (Banks), inheritance, the reproductive organs, surgery, waste treatment planets, atomic power, crime, isolation, kidnapping, dictatorships, bacteria and viruses. Pluto exposes that which has been kept secret. 

Pluto entered the sign of Sagittarius in November of 1995 and will move into Capricorn at the beginning of 2008. Sagittarius is about foreign lands, higher education, philosophy, reaching higher and the house of religion. Capricorn is about structure and practicality. Capricorn represents the status quo. It is a much more conservative energy than Sagittarius. Capricorn is the foundation to the international banking system. 

Having given you an idea of the nature of Pluto, Sagittarius and Capricorn you can see which areas are going to be effected in 2007 and 2008. My visions show an increase in international tensions which means possible strikes by America on other countries such as Iran. I don't see America attacking North Korea because this is an area that is looked over by another super power - China. Russia, Japan and China will increase tensions with North Korea. There is a possibility that China will try to infiltrate itself into North Korea if Kim should fall sick and die. 

Also, the possibility that North Korea out of desperation will try to take over south Korea in which case America could get involved. 

I see attacks on oil fields by terrorists and a new energy policy for the environment by the end of 2007. As I write this article it is before the mid-term elections. If the Republican party is the majority leader things will get worse around the world in regards to our relationship with other countries. If the Democrats can win the majority it will ease tensions in international relationships. After all of the blame Bill Clinton is getting over Bin Ladin and North Korea, the Republican Party fails to admit that since George W. Bush took office the negativity in the world has increased manifold. Bill Clinton was not perfect but the different faces that Pluto has were much more in control because of a more passive approach to foreign policy. It is clear from several world leaders and the U.N. that America has become more isolated. 

Yes, the pure heart of compassion must get involved with others in order to have a peaceful world. Look at the end of December of 2006, around July 7th, September and October of 2007 as manifestations of Pluto's transformational energies. July 7th, 2007 stands out as a very spiritual time give or take a couple of weeks before and after the date. On the opposite side of Pluto's shadow of darkness is an awakening in the spiritual communities. I am seeing leaders in spirituality wanting to merge with other groups to offset the less than positive influences of Pluto by putting together large groups of people meditating in silence. UFO intervention is also a possibility during the dates mentioned. They will only show themselves if a nuclear war is about to happen. Iran and the surrounding areas could strike Israel if not in 2007 then it would be in 2008 as Pluto starts to move into the sign of Capricorn at the end of 2007 throughout 2008. Capricorn rules institutions and governments. Pluto will give back the power to the people by causing leaders to dismantle the male structure that surrounds leaders of the free world. North Korea seems to fall apart also as I scan the body of Kim he is self-destructing on a physical level of health. He may come down with cancer and pass over leaving room for negotiations and a complete overhaul of the political direction that North Korea is taking. However, it is a dark feeling as I feel this area out. Very dark. His own people starving in order to have an army of darkness. Let's send light and love to him that he will change his temperament and soften up. Even better would be to surround countries with hundreds of people meditating in silence then have them chant certain tones to raise the vibrational frequencies in these areas dissolving built up stress.

Capitalism and all of the control that it has over people will show signs of weakness by the end of 2006 and magnify throughout 2007 and 2008. Capitalism will be replaced by a free exchange of energy which will be introduced by higher races from the galactic center and the great central Sun. This will give us a short work week. At the most three days so we can enjoy our lives more and keep the stress levels down. The Iraq war will also fall apart. I had predicted when the war started that we could not create a democracy that is stable. The consciousness there is not ready for it. And America is going to get ready for a different approach to government by the beginning of 2008. By the time the 2008 elections come America will be moving in a spiritual direction with grassroots organizations making the major changes. These organizations will be supported by celebrities and other leaders who are more spiritually evolved. We will continue to see a need for humanitarian aid not only worldwide but in America. Look for an increase in natural and man-made disasters for 2007 and 2008. The ancient civilization of Lemuria that was destroyed by Atlantis some 11.500 years ago could be pushed up from the bottom of the Pacific basin. What is left of Lemuria is the Hawaiian Islands. 

Look for increased instability in the ocean floor of the Pacific with the possibility that parts of Lemuria will come to the surface and create new theories regarding the evolution of humanity. Places such as Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Southern India and Indonesia could see more trouble. Anyone living within three miles of the ocean should find a new place to live for safety. In America places like Long Island, N.Y., Southern Florida, Southern California and Cape Code should consider moving away from the ocean until things calm down from Pluto conjuncting the galactic center and its transit through the early degrees of Capricorn. The good news is the Mayan calendar talks about the end of the old world and the beginning of a new world by 2012. I am seeing 2008- 2012 as a time to heal millions of people from past karma. Other races that are more advanced than we are will work with many light workers to accommodate this massive healing. This means that we don't have to wait till 2012 to start to feel the benefits of global love through the heart. I see America having the lowest crime rate in the world by the middle of 2009. Domestic violence, teenage suicide, kidnappings, rapes, terrorism, drug trafficking, and anything that brings unhappiness to the family of man will be healed and released. All of these issues deal with the planet Pluto.

Because of the instability over the next two years it would be good to close this article with a global meditation for the heart that can be practiced individually or in groups. This creative visualization technique will help to stabilize and heal the less than positive energies of Pluto.

MEDITATION: Sit quietly and take two deep breaths. Bring your awareness to the heart area. Now visualize colors that represent love to you surrounding the heart and concentrating in the center. Green for healing, Pink for love and compassion, white light with golden sparkles, etc. Sit with this for a couple of minutes then start to share it with friends, family members and even strangers. After this energy has built up extend this energy to the world. Visualize the country and its leader. Include America. Visualize the colors of the heart moving into the leader's chest and extending out to the people of that country. You may only see two or three countries. That's ok. Just let it flow effortlessly wherever the heart energy wants to go. See the leaders smiling and enjoying your giving of heart energy. At the end of the meditation visualize everyone and every country merged with the colors of love and dissolving all separation between humanity. When you are ready to end the meditation take two deep breaths and open the eyes slowly.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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