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Equanimity of the Seven Chakras

By Colette Barry

Rest your body on the floor either in the Savasana (Corpse) or Sukhasana (Easy) pose. Close your eyes and begin to allow your mind to to quiet. See nothing and hear nothing. For a moment allow yourself to erase any thoughts or sounds that have been occupying your mind. Feel the peacefulness and tranquility in you and around you.

Begin to allow your mind to visualize the color red. Red represents the the Root Chakra, located down at the base of the spine. Feel the red beginning to burn warm, heated energy rising up within your soul. A sense of desire to survive and feeling grounded to the earth are qualities of the Root Chakra. Say to yourself I am stable, safe and secure. This is the Root Chakra affirmation.

Begin to visualize the color orange, it's vibrancy and energy. Orange represents the Sacral Chakras located below the naval and above the pubic bone. Feel the life and energy in the orange, circulating and swirling intermixing with the red to create a healing energy within your body and soul. Sensuality and union with nature exist in the Sacral Chakras. Say to yourself I feel the creativity streaming through my body, soul and mind. This is the Sacral Chakras affirmation.

Allow your mind to now visualize the color yellow. A bright, illuminating color glowing in your being. This is the Solar Plexus Chakras located above the navel and below the chest. Sense the warmth and energy permeating throughout your body reaching up to the crown of your head, returning down to your toes. Inner harmony and acceptance are qualities of the the Solar Plexus. Feel the energy that the red, orange and yellow creates, circulating and stirring within your entire body, healing and mending your soul. Say to yourself I am full of radiant light and energy. This is the Solar Plexus Chakras affirmation.

Now we are at the heart, the Heart Chakras color is green. Feel the life and harmony of the color green. The heart Chakras is located at the center of the Chest. Green brings life and divine love into your mind and body. Allow yourself to be energized stirring and mixing all the colors creating a healthy balance within one another. Say to yourself I love opening my heart and sharing it with others. This is the Heart Chakra affirmation.

Next, The Throat Chakras. The throat Chakra is located within the throat area. The color is blue. Allow yourself to experience the liveliness of blue in every cell of your body. Feel the sense of inspiration and aspiration that this Chakra represents. Combine this vivid blue with all the other Chakra colors keeping them alive and flowing. Say to yourself, I freely express my thoughts and feelings. This is the throat Chakra affirmation.

Now allow your mind to turn to the color indigo, a vibrant and strong independent color. This is the Third Eye Chakra located in the center of the forehead. Imagination, idealism and a peace of mind dominate the Third Eye Chakras. Feel a sense of individualism within yourself and the power it entitles. Self Identity and purpose. Allow this and all the other colors to continue to move and stir within your mind and soul. Say to yourself I move toward my vision with clarity and purpose. This is your Third Eye Chakra affirmation.

Last, visualize the pure color of purple. This is the last Chakra, the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head, the crown. Here you embrace perfection, divine wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. Feel one with the spirit within you, it's omniscient.

Allow all the colors of the Chakras to freely interchange and restore your body into a healthy balance. Say to yourself I am in total harmony, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the Crown Chakra affirmation.

As you allow each color to radiate within you, feel a sense of peacefulness and stability permeating your body. All is good, healthy and healing. Once you have allowed yourself to visualize all that is read or spoken turn your mind back to your breath. Listen to your breath and attune your mind into the presence. It's different, clearer and pleasant. Allow the colors to stay vivid in your mind throughout the day, reflecting on each color as needed..



Colette is an author/illustrator of "Wall Yoga the Art of Centering". She is also a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and Pilates instructor and Thai yoga therapist.

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