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Yoga Journal - Child's Pose

Benefit: This pose is wonderful for relieving stress. This can be a comforting pose as the body rests in the fetal position. Curling the body in this way opens cellular memory of when in the womb; a safe, warm and nurtured environment.

Spiritual: Waking the cellular memory of the body is just steps beyond the time of our spirit essence. Just before the physical began to develop in the womb. This awareness coupled with the third eye stimulation can open to new intuitions. Unlocking universal knowledge.

Physical: Begin by sitting on the knees, legs tucked under the body and sits bones toward or on the heals. Using a blanket between the sits bones and heals can help with any knee discomfort. Taking a deep inhale and as we exhale, letting the breath out from the belly up, gently fold the torso forward against the thighs. Arms are lengthened and resting on the floor, beside the body, fingers in the direction of the feet. Lay the third eye softly on the floor.

Mental: Taking a deep breath, holding it for three seconds then releasing from the toes. The thoughts can be on the release of tension from the toes to the legs, knees, torso, arms, neck and head, as well as the breath. With each natural breath imagine the body weightless and stress free.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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