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Yoga Journal: Salutation Seal

This pose can be done either sitting or standing. First, inhale while bringing your palms together and rest your thumbs lightly on your breast bone (sternum) in the center.

Next press your palms and fingers firmly and evenly together. Realize that one hand tends to be dominant, (if you are right handed, your right hand will be stronger and the same if you are left hand, your left hand will dominate). If there is an imbalance of strength, then adjust the pressure toward equal sensation.

Bow your head just slightly and draw your neck toward the center of your head. Lift your sternum pressing toward your thumbs and down along the back of your upper arms all the way to your armpits as to make your elbows hang heavy downward.

This Salutation Seal pose, also known as Anjali Mudra, is an excellent way to encourage a meditative state of awareness. Start your practice sitting for 5 minutes. This hand position can also be used as you are standing prior to beginning the Sun Salutation sequence.


Some of the benefits of this pose are immediately realized. In addition to a sense of opening your heart, this pose also has a the effect of calming of the mind’s activity, reducing stress and anxiety and creating flexible wrists, hands, fingers and arms.

Physical effects of completing and energetic circuit between the hands and the heart harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain. As you do this gesture, having palms together, you may discover the subtle heart, which is in the center of your chest just below the sternum and between the shoulder blades, towards the back of your torso.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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