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Self - Realization OR God Vision

By S.S.Yogi

REALIZATION is the watchword of all religions and all ways of Spiritual Practice or Sadhana. If there is a God,we must see Him; if there is a Supreme Self, we must realize it, as otherwise these theories about the existence of God and the Soul have very little value. If we cannot put them on a practical basis and realize the truth of them, they remain for us but mere words. This realization is the only thing that can bring satisfaction to us. No amount of theory can ever satisfy our minds,unless we can see the reality of things for ourselves, otherwise we can never find satisfaction. What use is there in studying the Scriptures,going to temples, churches and doing Rituals if we thereby gain no spiritual wisdom. It is a like a donkey carrying loads of sandalwood on his back, only feeling the weight of the burden without getting the benefit of the sweet perfume, so it is with those who study innummerable Scriptures without knowing the essence, the truth of them.

Experience is the real and only way of acquiring strength. Real strength comes through realization. When a man has seen God, he can declare with conviction that there is a God,the Almighty. When we have seen a thing, no matter how much people may deny the existence of that thing, we can still stand up boldly and declare, " I know it exists." Sohum( I am He ) and other sacred words carries very little weight without the realization of the ultimate meaning of these things.But when we realize the Self or Truth, when we perceive It as we perceive the existence of those around us, we can no longer have any doubts. Then fear of death or of disease will cease to exist. Nature has no influence on the Supreme Self of man, which is in reality one and the same with God; so Self realization and God-vision are not two different things.So the real spirituality is God vision. Man is the expression of God and God is the reality of man, Real man and God are inseparable.There is only one reality in this universe, whom the devotee worships as Personal God, and a Jnani or wise man as his own Self. The simple difference is only in names and methods of reaching the goal, but when the goal is reached, both come to the same understanding- that there is but One by Whom everything is pervaded. In Hindu system of spiritual practice, one can find various methods and several forms of God, but all reach to one stage which is self realization. Different forms of God are imaginary as the nature of the people are different and everyone's approach is different. But the ultimate result is the same. The Supersoul has no form whatsoever, but it is divine in all respects. This Atman is not to be realized by the intellect, nor by words, nor by hearing from many sources, but by whom Atman is beloved, by him alone is the Atman realized.The thing necessary for us is to feel intense love in our hearts for this Supreme Self or God, otherwise He is not attainable. There is no other way that man can reach into God, except through love - love always unites. This love for God comes unto those blessed beings who are pure in heart, from whom all attachment for unreal things, all selfish desires have vanished. This purity of heart and love for God are the sum and substance of all religious teachings.He who has attained illumination does not need to use many words. His life is an answer to all questions, for the sun of wisdom always shines in his heart. This makes one bold, before this strength all other strength is insignificant.Here comes the word "Tat Twam asi" (Thou art That)- the Lord does not exist apart form you, find Him out by yourself within yourself "

In Spiritual practice there are various methods by which this may be accomplished - by prayer, by meditation , by work, devotion, self-sacrifice and self control. There are other Sadhanas like Yoga Practice, chanting God's name continuously, similar to "OM NAMASIVAYA" Mantra, the one which I chanted and got the enlightenment. In Kaliyuga, chanting God's name in any form with bhakti(devotion) can bring good results.However, from my own experience, I suggest the sacred Mantra "OM NAMASIVAYA" for the entire world, because Lord Siva is Mahadeva who will be pleased to His Devotees very soon and his form is the form of the great Universe, known as "SIVA LINGA". His human form is imaginary and the Serpent shown on his shoulder is the real " KUNDALINI " Sakthi (spiritual power)which is being carried by him like a human being. This is my view.

"maya tatam idam sarvarm
jagad avyakta-murtina
mat-sthani sarva-bhutani
na caham tesv avasthitah"

(Sanskrit) (Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter 9, Text- 4, Most Confidential knowledge.

Meaning: By Me, in My unmanifested form, the entire universe is pervaded. All things are in in Me, but I am not in them.

Purport: The Supreme Personality of Godhead is not perceivable through the gross material senses. It is.said. It is alo said in Katha Upanishad:

"yesha sarvesu bhootheshu
ghoodathma na prakasathe
darshyathe thawgrya bhudhya
shushmaya shushma darsabhi" ( Sanskrit)

Meaning: Atman is hidden in all beings, and hence He does not appear as the Self (of all). But by the seers of subtle things, He is seen through a pointed and fine intellect. Purport: Atman cannot be seen through material senses, but it can only be seen through transcendental senses.

YOGA : The first results of Yoga is lightness,steadiness, a good complexion,an easy pronunciation, a sweet odor, and slight excretions. Among many other Yogas, two are important which are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.Although these two are connected each other, Rajayoga is supreme in all senses as it directlty helps the God vision by conquering the internal nature. " The affections of external objects are carried by the outer instruments to their respective brain centres or organs, the organs carry the affections to the mind, the mind to the determinative faculty, from this the Purusha (the soul) receives them, when perception results.Next he gives the order back,as it were, to the motor centres to do the needful. In this body of ours the breath motion is the "silken thread"; by laying hold of and learning to control it we grasp the pack thread of the nerve currents, and form these the stout twine of our thoughts, and lastly the rope of Prana, controlling which we reach freedom". This is the process of Raja Yoga. Actually the real meaning of Yoga is union, the union of the Supreme Self or Jeevatma and Paramatma. Yama,Niyama,Asana,Pranayama,Pratyahara,Dharana,Dhyana and Samadhi are the steps in Raja Yoga. Yama,Niyama,Asana and Pranayama are the limbs of Hathayoga and Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are the limbs of Rajayoga. All spiritual practices finally reach to Rajayoga which is the real God vision.One should practice Hathayoga to become a Rajayogi, it is said.

An important Yogasan is Pathmasan, which is useful for preventing and resisting heart diseases. The sitting position or posture of Pathmasan is similar to a Lotus flower.One can find the great Illumined Sage of India, Sri.Budha's sitting posture mostly in pathmasan.Our all ancient Maharshis were sitting in this Yogasan as it can help a lot in meditation, pranayama, concentraion as more energy or Prana will flow to crown chakra during meditation and pranayma at this posture.

MEDITATION is a constant remembrance of the object we meditate upon. It is described as like "an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another." When we attain to this kind of remembrance in relation to the Supreme Being, all the bonds of the heart break and it becomes illuminated by the presence of the Self. In meditation Shoonayabhav-Samadhi or Superconscious stage is the real Spiritual ecstasy. PRANAYAMA- The meaning of Pranayma is conrolled breathing.When our breathings are controlled, the whole systems of the body is controlled including character which is very important in Yoga life.

The word Vedanta literally means the end of the Vedas,the Vedas being the scriptures of the Hindus.The vedas divided mainly into two portions, the Karma kanda and Jnana-kanda - the work portion and the knowledgeable portion.The Upanishads belong to the Jnana-kanda, or knowledge portion. In fact, the whole world is moving in Vedanta consciously or unconsciously as this is pure ethics. It was practiced and adopted by the ancient people of India and it is their way of life known as Sanathan Dharma.Even now, India is top in the world for projecting Dharma and this is due to the hereditary character of Indian people. Nowhere in the world one can find these types of ethics.Some say it is very difficult to practice vedanta in human life, but I say this argument is not correct as it can be done to a certain extent in our life. In my opinion, everything has to be done with morality and ethics. A man must have atleast following few qualities, viz.Good character,Courtsey,Courage,Conviction,Committment and do our duties, help others as far as possible,live with ethics, then it is almost Vedanta life.Even the Buddhists and Jains, when it suits their purpose, will quote a passage form the Vedanta as authority. In general there are three sorts of commentators in India now, from their interpretations have been arisen three systems of philosophy and sects. One is the dualistic,or Dvaita, a second is the qualified non-dualistic, or Vishishtadvaita and the third is the non-dualistic, or Advaita.Ofcourse the dualistic and the qualified non-dualistic include the largest number of Indian people. The non-dualists are comparatively few in number. However all Vedandists agree on three points.They believe in God, in the Vedas as revealed and in cycles.The three post-Buddhistic commentators are Adi Sankaracharya, Ramanuja Acharya and Madhava Acharya, non-dualistic, qualified non-dualistic and dualistic respectively. Every action of man is worship, because the idea is to attain to freedom , and all action, directly or indirectly, tends to that. Only, those actions, that deter are to be avoided. The whole universe is worshipping, consciously or unconsciously, to the great Creator, the Almighty God in all senses.The Vedanta God developed out of the Sankhy's Purusha. All the systems take up the psychology of the Sankhya. Both the Vedanta and the Sankhya believes in the infinite soul, only the Sankhya believes there are many souls. As per Sankhya, this universe does not require any explanation from outside. The Vedanta believes that there is the one Soul,which appears as many and we build on the Sankhy's analysis.

The greatness of Saffron colour is very important in Hinduisim. During Enlightenment a Yogi can see this colour through his Anjha chakra.The purpose of human life is for this Enlightenment.In fact everyone has to come to this stage once in his birth cycle.When the spiritrual sadhana is fulfilled, the Yogi's Kundalini power (Spiritual power) will be awakened and it travels through the six upward centers, then the different Lotuses of these six centers will be bloomed through Anjha chakra few times, the colour of which is SAFFRON. This is a secret information known only to experienced Yogis and Maharishs.Actually this colour is a combination of Red and Gold mainly or the combined colour of the six centres, viz.Mooladhara,Swathistana,Manipoora, Anahatha,Vishuthdhi and Anjha.The colour of Mooladhara is Red and the colour of Manipura is yellow(Pure Gold).Thereafter the above power will be assimilated in the Sahasrara(Crown Chakra), the seventh centre,ending in samadhi.The Saffron is a symbol of compelete renunciation adopted by Saints and Yogis.It may be due to the above reason. This is my view.

These three words are the different stages of spiritual attainment. Illumination has also been spoken of as enlightenment.One who reached this stage will attain the super-consciousness,the consciousness which include all lesser forms of consciousness.The significance of the above word Illumination is that the supreme Truth or supreme Reality exists, but because of certain darkness in our vision-that is to say, because of ingnorance - we are not able to perceive this most wonderful thing.Through regulated spiritual effort, this darkness is removed from our consciousness of perception, and as it appears, we become aware of the supreme Reality. When all darkness has been removed, when there is only light- that is called illumination.When an illumined person close his eyes what he sees is differeent beautiful colours of light as per the Sun light variation, but others see darkness when they close their eyes. Ecstasy is one of those advanced spiritual states.Outwardly, this condition is marked by the stopping of the function of the senses.But this is a state of very great joy (Ananda) and also of love.But it is very difficult to reach this stage. Patience and perseverance are essential. Various types of Meditations with Concentration are the real answer of all these stages.


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