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Indigo and 'The Art Of Spiritual Peacemaking'

James F. Twyman is an internationally renowned author and musician who travels the world performing "The Peace Concert" in some of the greatest areas of violence and discord. His most recent book, The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking (June 2006) is based off a tremendously successful online course that has already reached over 30,000 people worldwide.

Also known as the "Peace Troubadour," he has been invited by government officials and humanitarian organizations to perform in countries like Iraq, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Israel, East Timor, Mexico and South Africa, as well as the United Nations in New York, the US Capitol and the US Pentagon. He blends his unique style of music with his international reputation for drawing millions of people together in prayer to influence the process of peace in countries torn apart by hatred and war.

His ministry began in 1994 when he took the peace prayers from the twelve major religions of the world and arranged them to music. His goal was to show how all spiritual paths point to a single expression - Peace. In 1995 he was invited to perform the concert in Croatia and Bosnia during the height of the Balkan war. His best-selling book Emissary of Light - A Vision of Peace (Warner Books) recounts his amazing adventures traveling through the mountains of Bosnia learning the secrets of an ancient society of spiritual masters. The book has been translated into a dozen languages and was called "…the second coming of the 'Celestine Prophecy'" by Variety Magazine.

Since 1995 James has helped sponsor several major prayer vigils that have been attended by millions around the world. The most famous was called "The Great Experiment," conducted from the United Nations Church Center in New York City on April 23, 1998. More than five million people in at least eighty countries participated in the vigil by attending small prayer circles in hundreds of locations around the world. A month earlier he had been invited by Saddam Hussein to perform "The Peace Concert" in Baghdad, the same week the US and Britain were preparing to bomb Iraq. A week later, James was invited by government officials in Belfast to sing the "Prayer of St. Francis" at Stormont Castle during sensitive peace negotiations there.

James Twyman is also the founder of the "Cloth of Many Colors" peace project which weaves the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people from around the world into a single quilt nearly a mile long. This amazing quilt was presented at the United Nations in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, and was literally wrapped around the U.S. Capitol on September 20, 2000. Currently, James promotes personal growth opportunities through spiritual awakening by offering web-based courses as well as conferences and events around the world. His support organization - The Beloved Community - has acquired beautiful forested acreage in Southern Oregon, which will become a camp and retreat center for those interested in learning to experience peace. James is also the writer and co-producer of the film Indigo which, in its premier, won the Santa Fe Film Festival Audience Choice Award in December 2003. It is the story of redemption and the grace of healing powers of a new generation of psychic and gifted (Indigo) children. James produced and directed the documentary, The Indigo Evolution released in 2006, which more deeply explores the phenomenon of Indigo children in the world.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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