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Yoga Journal: The Vibration of Color

We can learn a great deal about how color vibration affects us just by observing and playing around with the different colors. Think about how it makes you feel when you step outside on a bright and sunny day. The gentle blue sky is showering us with calm. Blue helps us feel more positive like a "breath of fresh air". Blue skies bring a sense of wellness to us. We feel as though "the sky's the limit". This color vibration is very healing and opens the body to health and wellness.

On any day when you are feeling like you need a little boost, try wearing red. The vibration of the color red is invigorating. This color will raise your energy level. Think about a time you may have been driving down the street enjoying the beautiful sunny day and in the rear view mirror you see a flaming red fire engine with lights flashing. Your heart begins to race and your blood pressure rises. The vibration of red can invoke a sense of taking action.

Take note of how it feels to walk into a dimly lit grocery store. You may feel like you just can't find what you are looking for. The colors on the cans and boxes don't jump out. Try shopping someplace that has lots of windows for natural lighting and bright lights. Products that you many not have noticed before stand out. Companies understand that in order for their products to get noticed, they must be packaged in colors that evoke emotion. Kid's products have primary colors that give a feeling of joy and playfulness. Products for relaxation have light blues and earth tones that are calming to the consumer.

One of my favorite colors is yellow. It's a very radiant and energizing color. Yellow is related to learning and intelligence. The vibration of yellow can help open us up for new knowledge. Do you have a test or a new challenge ahead at work? Bring some fresh sunflowers into your environment. They will increase alertness, bring a flow of energy and increase comprehension. Yellow also emits a vibration of peace and joy.

We not only see colors in our surroundings, we feel and experience their energy. We are affected by each color's vibration frequency. I would encourage you to do a simple meditation on color to become more aware of how you personally feel with certain colors. As you sit quietly with eyes closed, repeat the name of the color, slowly, in your mind or audibly. Picture that color surrounding you. Become aware of feelings that may come up and how your emotions and body react to the color.

Have some fun with the vibration of colors. Wear a color that makes you feel good even if you've never worn it before.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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