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Avian Flu and Neti

By Arun Goel

Recently, a fear psychosis has been gripping the world regarding a possible flu pandemic arising out of Avian Flu.

Scientists have gone so far as to resurrect the deadly flu virus of the 1918 world epidemic that claimed close to 50 million lives. Though of clearly different strains, due to some similarity of symptoms, these scientists have concluded - and quite alarmingly - that the present virus can mutate into a deadly one. Moreover, there is no available vaccination (external help) to guard us from a possibly impending calamity.

All of this has served to further the paranoia and people are clearly worried.

How do we tackle this?

As yoga students and enthusiasts, we should be able to use this as an opportunity to become more aware and take charge of our own lives.

This is a time to remind ourselves that over 90% of disorders are psychosomatic in nature. We should remember that fear / anxiety lowers our immunity and provides a fertile ground for disease.

According to yoga philosophy, our entire being is organized into sheaths or layers. Disease arises in the Manomaya Kosha (mind sheath); this disturbs the energy balance in the Pranamaya kosha (energy sheath). This disturbance percolates down and causes subsequent malfunction in the organs, nerves and bodily systems - the Annamaya Kosha.

The task before us is to 'reverse' this vicious cycle of fear (negative thinking) resulting in the lowering of immunity, which in turn leads to disease.


Besides the usual precautions of keeping your hands clean and body hydrated, it has been found that the nasal irrigation practice of Neti can be very effective in the prevention and treatment of Flu symptoms.

One of the primary causes of Flu and colds is the Rhinovirus and about 80% of all virus enters through the nasal passages. The sinuses offer the first line of defense and it follows that healthy sinuses can nip the problem in the bud.

What does Neti (nasal cleansing) do?

Neti keeps the first line of defense clean and fit enough to kill the virus at the first instance of its growth cycle when it is relatively at its weakest.

Neti keeps the sinuses humid and the mucus thin. This helps drain out the viruses and inhibits them from getting a hold onto the membranes.

Neti is especially effective against the rhinovirus, which is a major contributor to the flu.

The subsequent drying action after Neti is a very effective yoga practice for the oxygenation of the brain and keeping the mind relaxed. But, more importantly, from a flu perspective, it increases the temperature within the sinuses greatly. An increase in the temperature by even a few degrees dramatically increases the body's ability to kill these viruses, by increasing the activity of immune system cells in the nose.

With these practical benefits, Neti not only boosts the physical immunity, but also provides a boost to your psychological defense by helping you know that you are one up in the battle.

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In fact coupled with other internal detox techniques such as stomach cleansing (kunjal) & colon cleansing (enema), you can lend your natural defense mechanism a BIG helping hand - both physical and psychological. This will automatically & dramatically reduce the risk of contracting disease.

We can't guarantee ourselves freedom from disease, but by taking charge of our own health, we can ensure that we are on the right side of Darwin's theory in the various battles that lie ahead.

All the best,

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