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By RV Iyer

When one closes the eyes, body may not relax immediately. The body may relax for people with suitable temperaments, but majority may not be able to. Similarly, the mind will not remain constantly in the state of concentration either. This will be a problem and we will have to be solve it.

For relaxing, you will find the following technique quite useful:

After sitting in the meditative pose (Asana) command mentally each of your body part to relax by commanding as follows (Remember that right from start, the eyes must remain closed): Big toe relax, second toe relax, middle toe relax, fourth toe relax and little toe relax. Similarly then take, lower sole, inside foot sole, outside leg sole, heels on all sides and top portion of foot then the bone joints of foot lower limb, then take the lower limb on all four sides from lower to knew portion. Thus the entire lower limb is relaxed.

Then take the knee round on the cap, left side, right side, inner side. Then go on four sides of upper limb on the thighs side and from bottom cover to the hip. Then cover the right buttock on inner sides, outer bottom etc. Similarly start with the left toe and come to hip. Then command the entire hip in a round fashion, relax the genital organ completely by running your mind all over.

Thereafter, take the entire stomach as if one is mentally placing the palm over the stomach and asking the entire stomach portion to relax. When this is completed, think about the Pancreas, liver, kidney, bladder, intestines and relax them. Mentally command your breasts to relax, left and right. Mentally command the heart to run in a smooth and relaxed way without strain. Cover the left side of the Torso from armpit to hip and then the right side of Torso also. In the way one has done the lower limbs do on the upper limbs starting from Thumb to small finger and upward to the joint in the shoulder. Thus both limbs are covered. Thereafter go the backside and relax the left portion imagining your palms running across the neck to hip and then the right portion. Here, it would be advisable to run two or three times in different parts of the left back. Similarly on the right back and then run through the spinal column from neck to bottom.

Now, come to the shoulders from arm joint to neck both left and right one by one. Then shoulder on four sides one by one to the head and chin. Relax the lower chin, then upper chin, lips, inside the mouth, tongue. Tell your teeth to remain strong and not to relax. Further go to the cheeks left and right and then to side portion of the nose left and right and take the ears on all four sides making a round of each ear then the nose, then gradually command the eyes to relax. Go the forehead first on the left and then right and center and finally the entire forehead mentally palming it to relax. Last relax the entire head taking front portion, back portion, left side and right side.


This is a method which is done during Savasaana as well as Yoga Nidra. It is a long procedure and will take atleast 15 minutes. Those who are interested to go for easier ways can adopt one of the following two practices:

Chant SO with inhaling and HUM with exhaling. Concentrate on your naval portion. Each breath start counting backwards from 27 to zero. In the initial state it may be slightly difficult. However, by practice one will be able to achieve it in about three months. If you are unable to maintain concentration, results may not come. Practice again. By the time Zero is counted body may relax in due course of practice.

Alternatively, concentrate on the breath counting as long as possible or without counting also. Counting while breathing gives more concentration. When body is completely relaxed or relaxed to the best of one's capability, meditation can be started.

To meditate, one has to concentrate on something. There is no hard and fast rule as to what one has to concentrate on. One can take any god of one's choice, or any particular object which is well liked or which is much known to the person. Alternate suggestions from the Yoga point of view is that one of the Chakras may be recommended. This will be elaborated later in this series. NOW MEDITATION STARTS

When relaxation is over meditation automatically has to start. On a given subject try see through the inner eye before your forehead and try concentrating. Mind will spring from one to another object and many memories will come back. Both the immediate past and previous past in the present life will be shown before one as if you are seeing a film on the screen. When such things come, do not apply your mental ego part on such scenes. Try to be aloof from them and watch impartially. Such impartial watching is as good as unwinding the memories. This will take a long duration of practice to get the mind to a purity level.

Some will start seeing a bright light like a sun, some will see thunders and lightning; some will see red hot lines, some will see blue sky, and such many phenomenon may come before you. Some may see horrible creatures, some may see good saints, some will see angels, and so on so forth. These are to be observed with dispassionately and without attachment.

Meditation of course calms the mind. There is no doubt about this and it has been proven scientifically too. For ordinary human beings, relaxation itself is quite sufficient in today's busy world. Those who are of the intellectual type can progress forward and this will come naturally to them, after few days of practice (To be continued.)


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Yogacharya R Venkatachalam Iyer (mumukshuiyer) was born in 1934 at Parur, Kerala, India. He started Yoga at the age of 14 years. He received training in Suryanamaskara from S.P Iyer of Bangalore, India and Yoga from Sundaram of Bangalore, India. He received advance training at Sivanandashram, Rishikesh and Bihar Institute of Yoga, Munger. He took Karma Diksha from Brahmasri Niranjananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj

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