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Nutra-Brain- II

By Sangita Das

Severe deficiency of niacin results in a disease called pellagra. One of the symptoms of this disease is mental deterioration.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: The RDA for niacin is 18mg/day among men aged 23-50yrs, while 16mg/day for aged 51yrs and more and 13mg/day for women aged 23yrs and more. The large amount intake of niacin results in a harmless unusual side effect like flushing. Here the skin will tingle and turn red. The flush will usually fade within an hour or two and if niacin is taken regularly, the reactions will diminish.

Sources Quantity Niacin Amount
Shelled almond 1/4cup 1 mg
Dried sunflower seeds 1/4cup 1.6 mg
Raw brown rice 1/4cup 2.4 mg
Peanut butter 2 tbsp 4.3 mg
Dry roasted peanuts 1/4cup 4.9 mg

Folate or folic acid is a member of vitamin B- complex family. Actually Folate preserves the nervous system and also protects against depression. Its Deficiency results in central nervous system abnormalities and depression. Folate is especially concentrated in the fluid of the spinal column which is regarded as the switchboard of the central nervous system as it relays messages between brain and body.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE : The normal adult RDA for folate is 400mcg/day.

Sources Quantity Folate Amount
Whole wheat flour 1 cup 16 mcg
Boiled, sliced beetroot 1/2 cup 45 mcg
Lettuce leaves 1 cup 76 mcg
Orange juice 1 cup 136 mcg
Black-eyed peas boiled 1/2 cup 178 mcg
Boiled Spinach 1 cup 262 mcg

The nutrient choline has an effect on memory. It seems to selectively enhance memory to meet the challenges of tougher learning tasks. Supplemental choline may even prevent memory loss in later life.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: Choline is a natural food substance. Even large amount intake of choline is safe. People with weak memories need doses between 1 to 10gms. However it should be taken only under the supervision of a qualified doctor. An average intake between 400-900mg of choline per day is required for a healthy person.

Sources Quantity Choline Amount
Egg 1 large 253 mg
Cooked brown rice 1 cup 218 mg
Cooked liver 100 gm 620 mg


Mrs. Sangita Das has done her masters in Nutrition Science from Calcutta University. She has featured in many Television shows relating to cookery, healthy diet and food. She has edited and published a book on Nature Diet Therapy entitled "Diet Therapy - A Few Recipes Related To Some Common Ailments". You can also visit the Diet Therapy site hosted by Mrs Das.

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