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Science of Soul

By RV Iyer

Before going any further, it is necessary for one to understand some of the ancient scientific factors related to body, mind and soul.

Ancient seers and philosophers from their experience are of the opinion that Brahmam is the one and the only one without a second. Brahmam is indescribable with dazzling light and everything emanated from it. It is truth, pure light that is Sath, Chit, that is Intelligence and Ananda or pleasure. This is to be read on the macro level. There are differences at the micro level, though.

One opinion is that after realization, the personal Atma become one with Paramatma, the Brahmam. A second opinion says Atma becomes similar to Brahmam. Third opinion says Atma is quite distinct. We are not concerned with this as only very few go up and reach that level and it is no use to deliberate on this here.

Despite the difference on the matter of the Soul, everybody agrees without dissent that there is PRAKRITI, the material part from which the world has come out, the world as we see it. This Prakriti the seers say is both TRUTH AND UNTRUTH. Truth because it remains in macro level and never dissolves except becoming dissolved and remaining dormant in realized people. Untruth because it dissolves itself, melting its parts one by one during the practice of yoga in advanced stage. It suffices to understand this much without going into arguments.

Prakriti is called Mahat from which Ahankara emanated firstly and this has three attributes called Trigunas. These are Satva (good , light, fluorescence, white, etc.), Rajas (Active and Red) and Tamas (ignorance and black). From the three different attributed parts of Ego emanated the five Tanmatras, the minutest matter considered more minute than the present day concept of Atoms.

The combination of these Tanmatras in certain proportions of the three Gunas resulted in Mind, Budhi , personal Ego and Chitha. These are the four parts of the Human mind. This is called Anthakarana Chathushtaya, which literally means combination of the four parts of the internal organ, the mind. The matters that emanated from the Mahat one by one in descending order are called five elements which are Tanmatras as said above.

Akasha, which cannot be equated to the present ETHER and it is much more than that. From Akasha came Vayu, which is mainly Prana but is AIR in the physical sense. From Air came Agni or Fire again to be understood mainly as Heat and Cold. From Agni came Apas which is water, which is also to be understood as liquidity. And from Agni came Bhu which may be understood as solidity.

The entire body structure as well as the mind structure is made of a combination of these five elements, which are minute in nature in certain proportions. For descriptions to understand the body composition, one has to study Ayurveda, a separate science. Similarly for understanding the genes, one has to refer to Astrological science. Genes may not be visible for normal persons through Astrology. For this, one needs to go deep with intense devotion.

There is a saying in the Mythologies of India as follows:


As such, there is no use delving into Vedas unless one is destined for them. Also, the meaning will be revealed in different aspects and angles to the persons according to their devotion and practice. The meaning thus revealed will be without much variation from main theme.

As per ancient science, Agni or the 'heat and cold' is responsible for the conduct of the bodily functions. Vayu, or the Air, is responsible for the conduct of the Pranic functions. Aditya, also called Indra i.e. waves of light, thunder, waves of sound etc. is responsible for the egoistic soul of the human being.

Everybody knows physiology and therefore we are not delving into this matter. Let us go further. Every science student during his days of study in the school might have seen the microscopic picture of the sperm. This is the major aspect which takes its shape into body keeping itself in the centre portion of the body as the brain and the spine. It is here the entire mechanism of life is centered around and expands out. For Yoga, this particular portion is extremely important. Also important is the Pranic energy which regulates the entire day to day operations of the body and the mind. This energy is centered slightly above the root of the spine remaining dormant till it is awakened by yogic practice. As long it is not awakened, it just conducts the normal functions. Once awakened, an enormous power can be experienced by the practitioner.

Whatever yoga we practice, awakening of this energy is the primary necessary corollary that needs to be achieved. In our next article we will deal the normal functions of this energy (To be continued.)



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Yogacharya R Venkatachalam Iyer (mumukshuiyer) was born in 1934 at Parur, Kerala, India. He started Yoga at the age of 14 years. He received training in Suryanamaskara from S.P Iyer of Bangalore, India and Yoga from Sundaram of Bangalore, India. He received advance training at Sivanandashram, Rishikesh and Bihar Institute of Yoga, Munger. He took Karma Diksha from Brahmasri Niranjananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj

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