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Science of Soul

By RV Iyer

Pranic energy is actually part of the macro energy which remains dormant in the micro human being and conducts the day to day affairs.

There are three energy channels in every human form, although not visible to the ordinary eye. The formation may be compared to a central column and two serpents on both sides of the column. The serpents curve three times around the central column. These three are channels through which energy passes from bottom emanating from the central energy as described in previous article. This energy's noticeable form is our breath. The left channel is called Ida and the right channel is called Pingala and the centre channel is called Sushumna. The channels are also called Naadis in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is nobody's language and is called Deva Bhasha (God's language). This language was developed by the seers of the ancient ages. This language was evolved as a combination of various vibrations and energies that are running in the human being and the cosmic universe. Each letter is related to a particular form of wave of energy. They had found that different alphabets when joined together form some other form of energy. This was the basis of Mantra Shashtra, which cannot be disputed. Irrespective of the personal language one uses, the sanskritic language runs in everybody. Therefore, the remedies based on Sanskrit mantras have definite effects and this forms a separate science in itself. This is not a topic for discussion at present.

All matter in the minutest form vibrates with expansions and compressions every now and then. Hence, the running of all forces within the body are based on these vibrations which relate to sounds. As such, the Brahmam is also called Aksharama Brahmam which has two meanings. The first meaning is something which cannot be destroyed. The second meaning is that which emanates from or is connected with syllables, viz. Aksharas.

So due to this cause of vibration, two channels as discussed above always vibrate resulting in breath. The seers found this and decided to control their breath. This would control their vibrations. These vibrations due intensive meditation create extreme heat similar to atomic fusion. This control subsequently makes the dormant energy to arise from its sleeping state to awakened state. The energy eventually rises and goes up through the central channel to the Sahasrara Chakra in the head.

Whatever yoga once practices, the above state must be obtained and only then can one say that progress has been achieved. This happens through intense devotion through concentration or intense chanting of mantra which results in concentration. This results in the awakening. Any type of concentration on a subject in meditation also makes achieves this result.

The conclusion, therefore, is that the awakening of this prime ordeal energy is the object for realization although ways and means may be different. This is actually called the Kundalini awakening. But before the Kundalini is awakened one has to keep the body and mind very pure as otherwise such awakenings can result in abnormal situations which one cannot control. To avoid such abnormal situations, it is a must that one have a Guru. One who has experienced the difficulties during practice or has been taught by a Guru alone can help the seeker to avoid such pitfalls.

This awakening normally does not happen to everybody but only to those who have been destined. Others drop out during the practice itself automatically discouraged by various shortfalls and cajoling. Only those who have the grace of god either directly or through their Guru can proceed further. Even if those who proceed, may face financial, mental, physical and various problems which could force them to discontinue their practice. But despite all the problems if one persists in his practice, disregarding these disturbances, they will definitely go towards the goal.

As said previously these two channels along with the central channel, are the most important parts to be aimed at in Yoga and meditation. The left Ida channel which is actually mental energy has to combine with right Pingala channel energy which is physical. Their combination is preliminary yoga which after much practice results in ultimate yoga of joining the Prakriti with the soul. Dissolving the Prakriti with the soul is called realization.

The cleaning of these channels is done by practicing pranayama and the mind is purified by practicing Yamas and Niyamas and Vasanas. Impressions are cleaned with Dhyana but Karmas cannot be cleaned. One has to live with them but with one's karmas albeit with lesser effect.

In the central channel there are various centers of energy which are called Chakras and in the next article we will go into that (To be continued.)



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Yogacharya R Venkatachalam Iyer (mumukshuiyer) was born in 1934 at Parur, Kerala, India. He started Yoga at the age of 14 years. He received training in Suryanamaskara from S.P Iyer of Bangalore, India and Yoga from Sundaram of Bangalore, India. He received advance training at Sivanandashram, Rishikesh and Bihar Institute of Yoga, Munger. He took Karma Diksha from Brahmasri Niranjananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj

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