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Yoga and Prana

By Ankita Goel

According to the yogic point of view, the body is made up of 5 elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth. All these are associated with the 5 prana vayus. The five prana vayus are like the limbs of a man which comprise the one body.

It is this prana which moves in the body like energy waves and can be likened to an electromagnetic field where the energy is in constant motion. Prana is the basis of life and can be controlled through breath. It is through the breath that prana and consciousness are essentially linked.

From the time of conception up until 4 months, the foetus survives on mother's prana. After 4 months it is said the prana enters the foetus and then it's bodily functions are active and an individual life begins. However the child becomes independent only when it starts breathing.

When death occurs the physical body dies, the mind dies , but not the soul. Death is a process of disintegration in which all the 5 elements go back to their original source- water to water ,earth to earth etc.

When prana leaves the body there is no force to animate it. On death when prana leaves, the consciousness departs; the magnetic force which held the body together deteriorates and hence the body.

It is yoga which works on this vital life force 'the prana' to bring harmony into our lives. Yoga works through the physical body, by working on the pranic movements.

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