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Energy is the Bridge: Tomorrow's Health - Today

A core element in envisioning one's health and wellness is in the learning to live in harmony with one's own energy. What we call energy, "chi" or "prana", is the neutral divine intelligence, the primal force behind all living processes. Scientific explorations have and will unravel profound insights about the nature of energy but will not create it nor renew it, because it is in the state of Being, while the mind studying it is in a state of becoming. 

Energy flows from moment to moment, moving from one form to another, remaining constant in the now, while the mind tends to live either in the past or the future. Our perceptions, thoughts, emotions and feelings shape our lives from the quantum level, which connects to indivisible energy. Physicists have recognized that tiny particles such as atoms, protons and neurons determine the behaviors of the individual made from these particles. Today, the Super string theory suggests that the fundamental constituents of the universe aren't particles at all. In a way, the latest scientific findings echoes with ancient wisdom: we live in 'pure energy'". It is when we are able to shift energy that the quantum particles shift, thereby creating new possible momentums for ourselves. 

Isn't amazing that discoveries in science are directing us toward having more control of our destiny versus living the wild rides of a pre-determined existence? The source of all discomforts, symptoms and illnesses rests in our own self-created trappings of beliefs and behaviors which disrupts the levels of communication between energy and mind/body/spirit, and eventually will distort and exhaust the flow of life-giving energy.

From conditions which do not support the best in our lives, pain will come as a warning signal. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or simply feeling uneasy. Anyone who has been in pain long enough knows how it impact their daily well-being. 

Smiling, LeRoy Malouf, Applied Behavioral Scientist from MIT and developer of the "Energetic Well Being Process" (EWBP) says: "We energetically peel away the outer layers of symptoms until we find and remove the true causes, it is then that we reclaim our health, wellness, vitality and oneness with spirit". The purpose of the "Process" is to quickly and readily access the power and magic of energy. In doing so, the disturbances in the body/ mind/spirit are removed, and the vast latent potential resources of human creativity are actuated.

What is exquisite about the "Process" of tuning into one's own energy is that is effortless, effective and relatively simple. As a teacher, LeRoy empowers individuals by giving them the practical means to take action and responsibility for their lives. This is not a venture into a life long search for a "holy grail" that seems to be just over the horizon. 

Rather, the "Process" teaches a person to energetically test what works and what doesn't work for them in any given situation. The results, often remarkable, create better choices and decisions for navigating the course of one's life. What happens is that energetic imbalances are removed and the person's strengths are increased. 

It is in a way like testing the waters before going swimming. We begin by putting our toes in the water to test if the temperature makes us feel like taking a leap in the ocean for the fun of it! 

The current trend in today's health and consciousness offers broad latitudes of diversified approaches to counteract the effects of stress at work and at home. The rising costs of medical testing, treatments and interventions are inducing more and more organizations to reconsider the human element in the workplace. Seeking to reduce healthcare costs, stress and to prevent illness, companies are becoming more receptive to holistic health concepts.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, "more than 60 per cent of companies offer wellness programs, up from 53 per cent in 2001". Moreover, 55 per cent of Americans are choosing alternative healthcare practices. While yoga has regained its place in our world, companies such as Reebok International Ltd. and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care are confident to propose meditation to their employees as an antidote to stress. 

Existence, as an evolutionary process will go on reconditioning our values and experiences for refinement's sake. Centered in the tides of changes, the "Energetic Well Being Process", along with other modalities which emphasize the whole person, originates today a key to tomorrow's health.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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