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The Future Of Yoga: The movement of Prana

SPM: Do you tap into the collective universal mind when you look into the future and how do you see the universal mind integrating itself through the everyday lives of people around the world through the movement of prana?

Yes. I do tap into the collective universal mind when I am predicting the future. I have to be fully present in the NOW to be able to do that allowing my individual mind to calm down so my own personal feelings and thoughts do not influence the outcome of the feelings or visions from universal mind. The visions are a manifestation of the collective thought and will of humanity. It is up to each individual soul to monitor on a daily basis their own imbalances and find a way to balance them so the scale does not tilt to the less than positive outcomes in life. As yoga practitioners we have the techniques to balance mind, body and spirit and influence the collective consciousness for the better and minimize any damage to the family of humanity and the environment.

The universal spirit or mind is finding more ways to express itself through many aspects of life throughout the world. The very nature of the mind is bliss not hatred and anger. But when the individual nervous system is stressed the subtle prana or life force that is only one expression of the universal mind gets all jammed up. By the time it reaches the grosser expression of thought and action it comes out distorted and the natural behavior of humanity gets compromised.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says the following about Prana and Being in his book, The Science of Being and the Art of Living, He says, "Being is the absolute existence of unmanifested nature. Its tendency is to vibrate, prana vibrates, and creation begins to be manifested". He goes on to explain that Prana is the bridge from the unmanifest to the manifest world. In our yoga classes taught by many masters we are told there are 72,000 nadis or pathways that this prana flows through as it manifests from the unmanifest. As these 72,000 channels are cleared out, prana has a chance to manifest from the universal spirit and find a natural expression of joy and happiness when it reaches the surface of thought and action. Thought is the basis of action, prana is the basis of thought in movement and the source of thought is beyond time and space in a state of fulfillment at all times.

Like the cinema screen pure and white and remains the same because it is beyond everyday experiences. It is the experience of life itself. As the movie projector shoots the movie onto the screen you could say this is prana vibrating in a specific direction. As the movie hits the screen many aspects of life are expressed on the one movie screen of life. The subjective experience of deep meditation which are the higher limbs of Yoga (Samyama) are to get in touch with the cinema screen and clear out the channels of the nadis by dissolving deep rooted stresses in the nervous system. The ability to maintain the subjective experience of pure consciousness while you are experiencing the objective world of waking, dreaming and sleeping 24 hours a day is called Cosmic Consciousness or enlightenment.

As I look into the future you can see how the universal mind is trying to express itself but is finding so much blockage of energy in the way. The universal mind or pure consciousness wants to express itself though humans so that we are more attuned to the laws of nature and have a better relationship with the environment which includes the mineral, animal, plant and angelic kingdoms.

But we have two problems. One is most people don't meditate on a daily basis to contact the universal mind and dissolve deep rooted stress. And secondly that clogs up the channels of the 72,000 nadis so the subtle prana cannot manifest as effortlessly as it should making human life a huge struggle.

As we continue to see man made and natural disasters unfold over the next few years you can see that everywhere in every culture more of a need for humanity to wake up to this idea of balancing mind, body and spirit. Until humanity gets to this point imbalances will manifest everywhere in the world. I see an awakening on a very large scale sometime between the middle of 2007 to the beginning of 2009. The knowledge to set man free and let the universal mind dance to a better rhythm that creates joy and laughter is going to happen. Yoga teachers and leaders in the fields of mind/body medicine will soon find that thousands of people if not millions will want to know more and start to practice techniques that will change humanity from imbalance to balance. Unfortunately humanity needs to be pushed to its extreme levels of suffering before the changes happen.

Look for an intergalactic spiritual government to start a new wave of awareness in humanity around the middle of 2007. We will soon develop more consciousness from within and let the universal mind express itself through the subtler channels of prana. Then thought and action will be balanced and both men and women will have an intimate relationship with life that is in harmony with the laws of nature. Much change is on the way including a three day work week in America by the beginning of 2009.

Humanity will realize that it has the power to change anything that is not in accordance with the laws of nature. That we don't have to just float around everyday unconsciously and except what others have set up for us to do. We will soon work in family groups where spirituality is just as much a priority as brushing our teeth everyday. That the decaying aspects of humanity world wide is not the universal mind's fault or anyone's fault and can be solved by just a simple shift in the awareness of humanity form total objective fulfillment to a balance between the subjective (Yoga) aspect of life combined with the objective need to fulfill our desires for abundance, perfect health and love.

In closing, the universal mind which is beyond time and space in a state of total knowingness and fulfillment will find its expression through the subtle flow of vibrating prana into thought and action in a very easy and effortless way in the near future. For those who want it today there are many teachers that can provide the tools to accomplish this. All you have to do is reach out and participate. Change the direction of life by cleaning your own closet out. Find a teacher who can open the door of your closet that has been locked and collecting so much stuff for centuries and start your clearing process. When you do you will feel lighter and more comfortable with yourself. This is what the universal mind has always wanted for all of humanity; to integrate the differences with the sameness; to focus on what makes us similar and yet different. To become what the universal intelligence is "Universal". It is Unity consciousness playing with itself. Subtle prana is vibrating without any obstacles in its way. A full blossoming of humanity is very close at hand. It's just behind your nose, beyond your intellect, through your heart and sits just beneath your heart in the quietest chambers of your inner soul. It is immovable inner universal consciousness ready to manifest as vibrating prana through the nadis as feelings, thought and action. And what a glorious experience it is.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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