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List of Affordable Yoga Retreats in the World

By Ruby Andrew

List of the Affordable Yoga Retreats in the World

A day of pampering may cost you a fortune in some of the world's best yoga resorts. If you want to discover your inner self at a luxury yoga resort, it is easy to assume that such a service will come with a five-figure price tag attached. However, there are still many options for those travelling on a budget. Choosing an affordable yoga retreat is a great way of saving on expenses.

Here is a closer look at some of the most affordable yoga retreats in the world.

1.Relax Bay Resort, Thailand

You might have to spend some money on a flight to get to Thailand but once you get to this exclusive resort, you will be able to get far much more treatments than anywhere else in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an acclaimed yogi, you will definitely want to check the birthplace of this spiritual and physical discipline. Situated 80 km far from the south of Krabi airport, this resort is practically everything you have ever dreamed of for a comfortable, yet cheap yoga beach break. This eco-friendly resort has its own private beach, Vinyasa yoga classes and massage huts.

2.The Island, Bali-Indonesia

This Island resort is a true testimony of every yogi's dream resort. An inviting resort with a choice of airy or bright dorms and private loft apartments, this yoga resort provides a perfect ambiance to indulge yourself in a mind-boggling yoga experience. Aside from the wide range of therapy and beauty treatments and the infinity pool, you are only five minutes away from the white, pristine beaches of Bali. As the sun sets, enjoy a cold brew from the terrace at the rooftop or curl up on one of their cinema nights.

3.Banpu Resort and Spa, Thailand

Lakeside wooden yoga cabins surrounded by green mangrove forests provide a perfect background for a peaceful and relaxing yoga experience in this resort. Add to that the exotic view of wildlife, fishermen in their boats and a breathtaking sunset. This resort provides yoga treatments that range from traditional massages to herbal treatment baths and aromatherapy. And most importantly, the resort is popular for fresh sea foods for both locals and visitors to pamper their taste buds.

4.Mandala Hostel, Budapest

This retreat may be a hostel but it provides something out of the ordinary. With plenty of privacy and space, the hostel offers a feeling of inner peace perfect for a yoga session in the middle of the city. The hostel offers an easy-going vibe, meditation space, hammocks, Swedish massage as well as guitar to play and Board games. Most importantly it gives you a feel at home when you are away from the home.

5.Caveland, Greece Located in Santorini Island

These cave houses are surrounded by enchanting gardens of pear, pistachio and orange trees to give visitors a relaxing yoga environment. Besides budget dorms, there are also private doubles, sea view terraces and a swimming pool to top it up. There are lots of freebies including free Wi-Fi connection, shuttle buses and tasty and healthy breakfast.

Planning for a journey of spiritual and physical awakening needs time and planning. This can become challenging enough, especially if you are working on a tight budget. However, with the help of the turkey visas, you can check the above discussed affordable yoga retreats for a journey of self-discovery.



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