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Balance: Energy Well Being Process

LeRoy Malouf is an Applied Behavioral Scientist, holding degrees from the Sloan School of M.I.T. As Founder, Former Chairman and Senior Consultant at LMA Inc. and SMS Inc., LeRoy has provided consulting services and high-impact training to individuals and well known educational organizations and corporations. He currently conducts public lectures and seminars, teaching the "Energetic Well Being Process".

The Energetic Well Being Process (EWBP) has been evolving since the early 70s. The Process focuses on healing memories and the whole human being, allowing growth beyond beliefs and limitations and thus, unleashing life-giving energy. The impetus for its development came from a powerful spiritual experience I had during my time at college, which has since guided my lifework in helping others. The Process originated from the lesson I learned then, that reality and unreality were reversed. My perceived reality was pain, self-judgment, lack of confidence, fear of others, and struggle to move forward. My discovery was that real life is joy, peace, love, power, perception and being one with a tremendous flow of love, grace and peace. I decided I wanted to live this powerful reality every day!

The EWBP is based on the premise that our natural state is health, wellness, and vitality! The biggest paradox about us human beings is that we don't support what we say we want, and we don't let go of what we don't want! Our ailments and discomforts are created and supported by patterns of root causes and triggers, not unlike the roots of a hundred-year-old oak tree. These patterns are energy blockages. They consist of conscious and non-conscious overlapping layers of emotions, beliefs, experiences and memories which do not foster our well being-they limit the world we live in. They get in the way of what we want.

From stress to fatigue to loss of happiness and passion, to conditions such as cancer, our symptoms serve as wakeup calls in our lives! To our credit, we believe that our innate inner wellness over time will bring us back to health. And most of the time it does. But what happens when the symptoms persist or when they get worse even with the application of many modalities? From the perspective of this Process, my symptoms are not an isolated aspect of life. They are my communication system letting me know "There is some pattern I need to take care of!" Unfortunately we have not yet learned how to remove these patterns!

Quickly eliminating root causes and symptoms is not in our normal perception, thought, language or action. We have 'learned' that our options are to reduce, suppress and 'live with our symptoms.' Research, expert opinion, and conventional wisdom all tell us that the elimination of our particular symptom could take days, months, years or never!

What if we could erase most symptoms immediately and others within a short time? What if by removing the blocks in the flow of our own source of energy, we could rejuvenate and let our ever-constant, dynamic potential naturally unfold!

Coming from a normal life perspective, these "what-ifs" seem unrealistic. Yet, every aspect of our lives seems to be speeding up. Why not apply a good dose of our speediness to the elimination of our stress, pain and symptoms?

What if the key step in our symptom departing is to embrace different assumptions and beliefs? Many people went to their graves believing the world was flat, after it was discovered to be round. It took years to gain widespread adoption of fax machines after they were introduced. Yet iPods have been quickly adopted.

Through lectures and demonstrations, private sessions and classes, I explain how EWBP provides the opportunity for each of us to see what is possible. In classes that I teach, participants learn how to clear symptoms away at warp speed in others and in themselves! It is what's unique about the Process.

The EWBP goes beyond normal ways. It transcends traditional and alternative approaches, training, and various types of energy work. It is a groundbreaking synthesis or western and eastern modalities, quantum physics, and human energetics. The EWBP is a tool of empowerment because it gives you the means to take your well being into your own hands. It includes Yuen Method© Full Spectrum Wellness, and integrates with Eastern and Western modalities for the benefit of all. It is simple and can be learned by the vast majority of us, including children.

Key benefits of the EWBP are to:

  • Continuously raise consciousness.

  • Eliminate common symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, stress, depression, and pain.

  • Eliminate most symptoms immediately and others within a short time.

  • Increase energy, health, and vitality for all ages.

  • Become free of limitations that sap energy.

  • Build confidence and self reliance in meeting goals.

  • Be in charge of your own health and well being.

  • Enhance relationships at home and at work.

  • Become neutral to life's issues and events -to live a life with joy and peace and without drama, reaction and upset!

All symptoms are approached from a very different perspective. The path - of health, prosperity, integrity, success, and freedom from stress and pain - is the birthright of every human being. Our plight in dealing with blocked energy is similar to chipping away at a frozen lake. Each layer you chip away exposes another layer. The more you chip away, the deeper you get until you find the deep water of being. We energetically peel away the outer layers of symptoms until we find and remove true causes. It is then that we reclaim our health, vitality and spirit.

Enhancing the health and wellness of ourselves and others is one of the most important things we can accomplish. It is hard to make the world better when we walk around from day-to-day with physical and emotional symptoms left untreated. Maximum wellness is achieved when people take responsibility for their own health. We can no longer afford to always look to someone else to fix us.

It is a manual to rejuvenate and unleash your health and spirit. Clients come from all ages, faiths, and persuasions! On the cutting edge of complementary methods, professionals such as nurses, teachers, energy workers, doctors and therapists find that EWBP tools are tremendous assets that are easily integrated into the services they provide.

I work with:

  • individual clients (in person and by phone globally)

  • couples

  • children

  • organizations

  • participants in workshops where they learn to use the EWBP for themselves and others

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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