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5 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

By Ruby Andrew

5 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

Everyone's life is stressful and it feels as if its only progressively getting worse, in order to combat this many have to find new ways to cope with stress and countless people turn to yoga for its relaxation benefits along with other health benefits such as better flexibility, stamina, and overall physical and emotional wellness. When wanting to get away and go on a retreat many turn to the things that they do to relax for a much larger basis such as a retreat based upon this. When it comes to yoga Sir Lanka comes to mind almost automatically having various wonderful places to stay and experience yoga on a whole new level.

The five best Yoga retreats in Sir Lanka are:

1. Ulpotha

Naturally Ulpotha is a top pick being that the hotel is set up to let in as much nature as possible with open halls and a completely natural setting to begin with to allow a person to truly get away from the stresses in life and just back to nature. On top of the set up alone Ulpotha offers yoga classes for all ages and levels by some of the best teachers in the world, the hotel provide the yoga mats and anything one will need for their stay to ensure that the guest can truly get away.

2. Talalla retreat

This retreat offers a six day retreat in which a person experiences several yoga sessions throughout the day, massages to further help relax and rejuvenate the body, along with gourmet food and accommodation to allow you stay in complete luxury throughout the cleansing of the retreat.

3. Yoga retreat Mirissa

This retreat offers hour and a half yoga classes right on the beach that allows the person to practice yoga right in nature with the ocean breeze to help further relax the person during the stay. The guests has the villa to stay so that they can completely unwind in luxury and peace.

4. Niyagama house

This house is located on an active tea plantation where the retreat offers up to a seven day retreat in which yoga is offered throughout the day in a relaxing environment. It being on a tea plantation gives it the different appearance and scents throughout the air allowing the guests to relax in a completely different setting from their stresses to getting back home.

5. Villa de Zoysa

What once was the house of a very rich and powerful aristocrat now serves as the perfect retreat and yoga house. The house is almost like a palace where all the different kind of the yoga classes are held for all ages and levels. While the house is right by the ocean, guests get to experience all aspects of relaxation and enjoy where they were cleansing from the food to the yoga.

These Yoga houses of Sri Lanka are on the top five for their outstanding job in helping those who want to relax and come closer to nature. All places are well renowned all over for their yoga relaxation and excellent accommodation. Each place is unique, and if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka for a retreat, you can choose any one of the above yoga retreats for relaxation.


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