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Walking With the Saint

Mary Anne Ayer began asking more about spirituality and metaphysics than her Catholic upbringing and parochial school provided. She graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in cultural anthropology and became interested in meditation and Christian mysticism. In search of more answers, she attended an intense two and a half year course of study in India and Vedanta in the Sanskrit medium. This was a twelve-year course condensed into two and a half years, designed to create monks and nuns who would teach the ancient scriptures embodied in "the path of knowledge" to students around the world. Mary Anne was a teacher of Vedanta, meditation and Eastern philosophy and religion for over ten years in Seattle, Vancouver Canada and Boston.

How would you like to know what it's like for a person when they pass on? What other regions of existence are there? Where did the souls originate and what is their destination? How can we assure the best possible life and afterlife? There are saints and yogis and meditators who will tell you about this because they actually experience the inner reality the same way, regardless of their spiritual culture.

Further, the physical universe is made up of the same energy as other subtler worlds; it is just of a different vibration. "By learning to perform and master spiritual practices, one is dealing with energies of a subtler level and which when understood, can impact the energies of the mental an physical world that it pervades" writes author Mary Anne Ayer.

Her book "Walking With the Saint" explains a lot about the spiritual practices and the way they benefit the individual in the world and in the next. "Spiritual practices not only impact our lives, but purify and empower souls. The energy the soul receives from spiritual practices spills over into the mind so that the mind becomes empowered to perform its tasks in the world more easily and effectively. This is a science, "explains the author.

The book Walking With the Saint is an exploration into the spiritual world of saints and mystics of the world over. It explains how they became saints and mystics and how a person can have a great peace and happiness while in the world without changing one's outer duties and obligations.

"There is a science to the spiritual practice that empowers body, mind and spirit. When we learn to focus the energies we can affect change. When we allow these same energies to get fragmented and dissipated unnecessarily in the world, then we no longer have strong thought power or concentration. We cannot affect the changes in ourselves and our environment which are beneficial. Instead, we become victims of our circumstances and environment", explains Ms. Ayer.

Yogis and Saints experience what we call miracles in their lives on a daily basis. We cannot understand this because we cannot control the subtle energies or focus around us. We think that they - the outer forces - can control us. As one time, the souls came to earth in subtle form to control the forces that enact good for the planet. Unfortunately, the souls, who were God's co-creators, fell into the physical vehicles of creation and lost their powers to help themselves and others. Yogis and Saints and spiritual practitioners, however, have learned about the powers of the subtle energy and use them to progress spiritually and positively impact the world by changing its vibration. They do not use their powers to harm others or event for selfish purposes but understanding that there are much greater realms of spirituality for the soul to experience, they concentrate on going there. To them, this world offers very little. Its rewards are paltry next to the experience of the other religions and kingdoms.

The author explains what the spiritual literature around the world says about this. She combines her personal experience as a meditator and spiritual practitioner for over 30 years with her in-depth search of ancient Sanskrit texts and other spiritual texts in other languages. She speaks of encounters with yogis, swamis and a Living Saint and how they have changed her life and perspective. She has written this book to share her experience with her children and anyone else who has questions about life and spirituality and has not yet found answers.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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