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Changing Wives- Is this the solution?

After a couple of years or maybe even months of marriage, a man gets bored of his wife. He starts finding her incompatible, too demanding, too nagging or simply not as attractive. The solution to such a problem is divorce or maybe having an extra marital affair or simply cursing and brooding over your personal life. How convenient!!!

In these modern times, a person wants to have a new car, a new house, latest fashion clothes, new job and even a new religion or ideology to suit their changing needs. So, why not a new wife??

A husband or wife is just a part of a fancy plan, which an individual has set for her/himself. If the spouse fits into the plan, Wow! If not, there is misery, unhappiness and an urge to hurriedly move on. Instead of working out a solution, you just want to run.

Dissatisfaction has been ingrained in our systems. Wanting to be in a new relationship is just like wanting a new car. Greed and dissatisfaction never lead to happiness. Acceptance, patience and understanding may. Marriages based on appearances with no understanding and adjustments are definitely shallow!!

You are the person you are. If you think, that you are troubled by your wife or husband, think again! Most likely, what you are experiencing is something which is surfacing from within you. It really is not a problem with your wife, but a problem with yourself. Some deep rooted notion of fears, insecurities, expectations, prejudices or whims of YOUR mind get unfolded during the course of the relationship. The trouble will surface in every relationship.

So, one has to look within oneself and do some self-study. You have to analyze your own weaknesses- Understand why you get irritated? Why do you become upset or angry in a certain situation? Keep asking yourself why..why..why.. Try to reach the inner layers of your nature. One has to change himself, for a better relationship. Changing the external shall not change the flawed and tainted perception. Changing of the wife will not change the problem inside you. It will raise its ugly head in every relationship. You have to work on removing that problem.

Everyone wants happiness, and the search is on. Instead of hunting for the Mr. Right or Ms. Trophy Wife, hunt for the problems within yourself. Marriages are made in heaven and working on them, may finally lead you to heaven. Happy Married Life...

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