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Fear and Guilt

Guilt and fear, as perceived by us are both negative emotions. But to think of it, they may be not as bad.

Fear and Guilt are good??

Both these emotions have played an important role in man's evolution, and continue to do so. They are necessary for our evolution. They make us more capable and more thoughtful.

Fear instills in us some respect for our lives, and prevents us from behaving recklessly (e.g. rash driving leading to an accident). Most children have fears (fear of darkness, loneliness, fear of animals etc.). Such fears ensure that the child remains in safer situations. As the child grows, he sheds all these fears. This is their evolution.

A feeling of guilt ensures that we evaluate our actions from time to time and become better human beings. If any wrong has been done by us, we feel bad about it. This is our guilt, which makes us correct it. We try not to repeat our mistakes and rise above them. Having no guilt makes a person insensitive and ruthless.

Animals have no guilt and lots of fear. They do not evolve.

Balanced emotions = Balanced Personality

As in everything a balance has to be there; similarly excessive fear and guilt can ruin our personalities.

Excessive and irrational fears (phobias) can hamper one's life. One starts becoming afraid without any reason. Fears, which one should have outgrown but has not, should be treated.

Too much guilt, will also lead to a flawed personality. A person, who feels guilty all the time, becomes too apologetic about everything. Such a person may begin to have an inferiority complex.

Not being able to manage such emotions, affects one's relationships as well as physical health. Guilt and fear lead to excessive adrenalin production. This further leads to hormonal imbalances- a beginning of ailments.

Therefore, balanced emotions of guilt and fear are good. One should not be bothered about them. They are just a state of existence. As a person evolves, they disappear on their own.

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