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Spirituality and Enlightenment

By: S.S.Yogi

Human life is a great phenomenon in this world.

Why should human life be considered so great?
According to the conception of creation given in Vedanta, this human body is the greatest body in the universe. Man is not only greater than the animals, but greater even than the Devas (angels). No other manifested form of life is greater than man, for man alone is in a fit position to attain perfection. Even the Devas have to come down and take human bodies in order to gain perfection.

Having a human body, the next thing is to feel a thirst for liberation. He alone is a true man who strives for liberation by conquering his lower nature. This human body is a privilege and those who, having obtained this privilege, do not put it to the right use miss their opportunity. Actually the life of the human beings is not for enjoying the material life alone as the same is not permanent, but to attain realization which many of us do not know. When we realize this true fact of life, the sun of wisdom rises with Viveka (a sanskrit term that means discrimination ).

It is said in many scriptures that the man has been created by the God with his own similarity. There is a saying - a Man without ego is God and the God with ego is Man. So, one can understand the similarity between the two. Hard indeed is the path of Samsara (earthly life). Even the keenest human minds are sometimes deceived by the charm of Maya (illusion). Ignorance is the true cause of all our misery and suffering, and ignorance exists because of non-discrimination. Our present conception of the Self is nothing beyond the body. But the body cannot be self. The body can never become unchangeable or eternal. Whatever has a beginning must necessarily have an end. It cannot be otherwise. The body comes and goes, being a combination of matter, but the Spirit remains always, unchangeable and eternal. So we must feel that we are not mere bodies, but the body is the carrier of a divine Spirit (Athma) and it is an instrument for the purpose.

When this type of Viveka or discriminating power comes, well it is half done. The Self which is neither body nor mind, but beyond both, "which sword cannot cut, which fire cannot burn, which water cannot melt, and air cannot dry, birthless, deathless, one omniscient and and all-pervading." Through the power of Spirit man lives. We must realize that we are born of Spirit and sustained by Spirit, and therefore nothing can prevail against us. Vedanta teaches "Know thy Self," because knowledge of the higher self is death to all the afflictions of the world. As the Upanisads declare: "The unbounded Infinite is bliss, there is no bliss in the finite. The infinite is immortal, the finite is mortal. He who has reached this, if blind, ceases to be blind, if wounded ceases to be wounded; if afflicted, ceases to be afflicted".

The human life is full of problems which start from our birth itself and the whole life is wasted to find solutions to these problems. Whenever we violate the spiritual law and try to find a short cut to happiness, the fibre of our moral being is injured and more problems arise. There are three planes of existence corresponding to the three Gunas or states of matter, called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas in Sanskrit.

Tamas is the lowest and is most manifest in animals. The nature of Tamas is darkness and dullness and when it predominates in man he becomes stupid and inactive. His mind is filled with evil properties and he fails to distinguish between right and wrong. But the intellect helps us to lift ourselves above this dull material plane.

Through the intellect, we become active and ambitious for happiness. This is the nature of Rajas. Here we struggle hard to penetrate the wall which stands between us and the Unknown.

But at last through the earnest struggle of the soul, the channel is opened which gives us the power to see the inner things. This is the state of Sattva. In this state only one can discriminate properly. Sattva gives equilibrium and enables us to think and act rightly. Now the question is, how to cultivate this quality of Sattva? By practice and non-attachment it is attained. Proper food can help us here. By living on pure food habits we can change our bodies and gain Sattva elements. Then comes the character of a person. The body is bound to perish and what remains is the character alone. Time swallows up everything except character and this is the only thing that Time cannot touch. Remove from us the Tamo gunas viz. lust,anger,pride,passion,ego and greed. The great persons are known to us by their characters. Wisdom is the goal of human existence. Even though all the above worst characters are existing in this world, still the whole world is running with certain Dharma Sastra (ethics) knowingly or unknowingly. When the man was incarnated on earth there was no problem initially as people were living in harmony with nature and were aware of their spiritual nature. Later, as the population increased, the people started indulging in negative activities like jealousy, anger and lust. This resulted in disharmony and loss of connection with God.

This wisdom or knowledge can be attained through the power of concentration. Concentration lies at the foundation of the whole system of Yoga practice. Maharshi Patanjali, in his Yoga theory, defines Yoga as "restraining the mindstuff from taking various forms." This is only possible through the power of concentration. Real Yoga practice is when we try to collect our thoughts from all sources, make them one and connect them with our Inner Self.

The truth we must learn from a realized person because he is confident about his experience. It is a dangerous thing to hear the Truth from one who has not realized, for he will only bring confusion in the mind, but one who has realized will teach with very few words. We try to get happiness in this world, but nothing can give it unless we have found it within ourselves. Think that we are the Spirit and not the body and when we recognize this fact, all our sorrows will vanish and the real bliss will come to us. This realization is the goal of all man kind. We are all struggling to reach it, though we may not know it. This perception of the Self alone cuts all the knots of our hearts, destroys all doubts, and removes all the binding effect of "KARMA". The one object of all religious and other spiritual teachings of the world is to bring unto us this Realization. Though the path may be hard and difficult to tread, yet let us march on with real faith and perseverance. Let us never forget the call of the awakened souls who have found out the way of Immmortal Bliss.


The man is a combination of body, mind, intelligence, individual Soul (Jeevathma) and Supersoul (Paramathma). This term can be further reduced to body, individual Soul and Supersoul , in other terms, body and Soul (Supersoul ) and finally remains as the Supersoul (Paramathma) alone.

When the mind or Jeevathma travels through the five sense organs known as Panchendriya, or Jhanendrya viz. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Skin, it is material life and when we travel internally, closing all outward organs it is known as Spiritual life. This is what is happening in Meditation. Jeevathma finally turns into Paramathma during the Enlightenment which is eternal and all the rest vanishes for ever. The material body of man is consisting of five matters known as Panchabootha in Sanskrit, viz. Sky, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Among these, Fire is more purified and that is why it is being used as witness for all Rituals in Indian culture. In fact all these matters are the products of the Paramathma. During the Enlightenment, these five matters will be split from the body of the Enlightened Yogi in to five separate matters of their original forms and rejoin again to the body which can be called as a re-birth or re- incarnation of the Enlightened Soul. One has to attain this Liberty when one is alive which is a great Spiritual achievement. During the Enlightenment all these Phenomena can be seen transcendentally by the Enlightened Yogi. This in fact, is my own experience. An Enlightened Yogi can see his Athmaprabha or Aura or invisible body transcendentally throughout his life. This is called ILLUMINATION. It is said in the scriptures that an Enlightened Yogi's Prana or Life force goes through the top of his Sahasrara or Crown Chakra during his death, but for others, it goes through the other sense organs.

As per Upanishads, the various human cells are called Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vinjhanamaya, Anandamaya all Sanskrit terms. The Prana, the Life force is consisting of mainly five parts known as Panchaprana by name - Prana, Apana, Udana,Vyana,Samana with another five subsidiaries, which are not important to mention. The Supersoul or Paramathma located in the heart of a person as an atom and it helps Prana, the life force to travel through out the body of the person for making him fit and energetic to maintain life and the size of this Atom (Lord) cannot be measured or founded by any media of science of any nature and it is unseen by everybody except Enlightened Yogis. Although Athma and Prana are the same (Prana is a derivation of Athma and in other words, it is known as a shadow of the Athma), the Prana enters to the body through the feet and Athma through the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra during birth in the Womb. Though it is the same, Athma acts as the Master and Prana acts as servant as per Upanishads. There are seven centres in the body by name Mooladhara, Swasthistana, Manipoora, Anaghatha, Vishuthdi, Anjha and Sahasrara and all these centres have separate colours - Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet respectively. These Centres have Devas (angels) in the legends by name Ganapathi, Brahma,Vshnu, Tudra, Jeevathma, Subramania or Wisdom God or Sixth Sense and Paramathma or Siva respectively. All these centres are rotating with chakra or wheel which goes to the infinite and bring essentials to our body as we are not only living with food but also with this Cosmic energy too. A power located in our Mooladhara is known as KUNDALINI SAKTHI, in other words, JEEVATHMA is very important in Yoga Sastra. This power is responsible for everything conneced with our body and it's great influence or effect, the lively subjects existing in this world. A similar power in the Cosmos is also known as JAGAT PRANA or PARAMATHMA which is responsible for the Universal activities. There are eleven holes in our body, Nine direct and two indirect, totally eleven in number. These two are the Crown and Naval and the rest of the nine are known to everybody. Actually the Jeevathma is under the clutch of these Pachabhootha or five matters.

Our body is a combination of all Devas of the Cosmos which are about thirty three crores in numbers as per legends. So, we can imagine our greatness by this information. The place of the Moon in the human body is in our Head and the place of Sun is below the Root chakra . The Sun is meant for the Wisdom and the Moon represents the Mind. In fact, the Divine Elixir will flow from the Moon to the entire body for its rejuvenation and it is being swallowed by the Sun down which is heat in nature and therefore the man is becoming older. To prevent this, the Sun energy has to come to the top and join with the Moon and stay there for ever. So, the Divine Elixir will not be lost and the man can get rejuvenation and he can live long with good health. This stage will occur during Enlightenment and this is what happens due to the great Enlightenment. When the Kundalini Sakthi or Serpent Power is awakened, simultaneously the Prana or Sun energy, which is heat in nature will enter in the mystic Sushumna canal in the form of air and travel through the six centres above and finally reach to the Sahasrara for the union. In Indian legends it is known as Siva -Sriparvathy marriage and by this Siva turns as Nara-Narishwara, a combination of Man and Woman, which is the real nature of the Cosmos.This is also known as "BRAHMA SASHATHKARA" in Sankrit, in other words REALIZATION OR ENLIGHTENMENT. In Hatha Yoga Sastra, there is a mention about Shirshasan, i.e. standing on the head, or head down supported by two hands. This position of Yogasan is actually for the above purpose that is to bring the Sun energy to the Head, the reverse position for its joinning with the Moon.There is also another Yogasan known as Vipareethakarani for the same purpose. I am not traveling much through the Hatha Yoga now.


Vedas and Upanishads are the basis of all teachings of Indian Spirituality which have been approved by the whole world. In the Spiritual Science of the religious world, one can find a portion of Upanishads in it. The meaning of Veda means knowledge and Upanishads are the Spiritual Study and Science. The Ancient IRISHIS of India created all these in different times. The meaning of Irishi means one who invented the truth; it does not mean that it is his own, but he is a founder of the existing phenomenon. Later VYASA, the great ancient Sage edited, compiled and arranged all these suitably. There are four Vedas by name - Irgu,Yajur, Sama and Adharva. These Four Vedas contains the details of four subjects, viz. Aham Brahmasmi,Tat twam asi, Ayam Athma Brahma and Prajanam Brahma, all about the different features of the great Paramathma. Adi Sankara, the great illumined Sage of India established four Ashrams (Madams) in India on the basis of the above theories.

There are One hundred eight Upanishads, out of which few are available now and all the rest have been lost or not found. Actually, Upanishads are the real Vedic Science which teaches Spirituality in its true form without any superstition. It describes mainly about Athma or Soul and what will happen to Soul after the death of a person and allied subjecs. I have described above that the Athma is eternal and everlasing and therefore not repeating again. As per Bhagawad Gita, after death, ordinary Souls will travel through Dhakshinayna and reach to the Moon and stay there many many years with all comforts and again take re-birth in the world as per their Karma. The Enlightened Souls travel through Uttarayana, and via Surya Loka (Sun),they will reach to Brahma Loka where they will stay till Kalpantha Kala ( A specified Time ) and then they will attain Liberation or Moksha. Here I mentioned about two different Yanas means ways, one through the South and other through the North.

As per Upanishadas, the OM(AUM ) is the real Brahma in its all nature as Akshara Brahma (Lipi - word) and Nada Brahma (sound) and OM itself is GOD. An Enlightened Yogi can see transcedentally Akshara Brahma and hear Nada Brahma. So any Mantra chanting start with Om really fetches good results. One can find several Bells in Temples and Churches etc. which bang occassionally. When the Bell Bangs, directly it will produce a great sound and it will have an "Echo" which is actually symbolic to this "OM". It is my view.

It is said in the Holy Bible, Gospel of John, 1- 1, 2 , 3, "There was word in the begining. That was with the God. The word was God. Everything occured through Him". It is my view that these statements are about "OM" which is word and sound.


In Spirituality the following are the main Yogas.

  • Japa Yoga

  • Dhyana Yoga

  • Tapo Yoga

  • Karma Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga or Hamsa Yoga

  • Raja Yoga

  • Bhakthi Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is pure devotion and one must have birth qualities for attainment through this.

The Raja Yoga,known as Astanga-yoga is supreme among all the above though all are connected each other.When the Bhakti (Devotion) is connected with any of the above Yogas, it is definite that the Devotee is very likely to get the Enlightenment. In fact all Spiritual Practices reach to Raja Yoga which is really the God Vision. One can select any of the above for attaining the goal and this must be with the advice of an Enlightened YOGI or similar person.

The Astanga-yoga, a mechanical meditative practice, controls the mind and senses and focuses concentration on Pranayama (the Supersoul, the form of the Lord situated in the heart). This practice culminates in Samadhi, full consciousness of the Supreme. As per Maharshi Patanjali, Chitavirthi Nirodha Yoga, ( means controlling the mind) Seeing everything in the Universe as one, Samabhavana,(oneness) is also Yoga.


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