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Remembering Krishna

Janamashtami - the birth of Lord Krishna, is celebrated in India with much gusto. Lord Krishna is the author of the Bhagwad Gita. Gita is not a book, but an incarnation of divinity revered by millions and millions of people in the world. The teachings and philosophy of this book have inspired millions of people over centuries.

The book is Man's ultimate guide on how to lead a righteous life; how to attain courage to do the right deed and right karma.

Here is a famous story of Krishna:

One day, Krishna went to the forest with his classmate Sudama. Sudama was a poor man's son, who had hardly anything to eat. Krishna was the son of a king. Both of them lived in an ashram, to study and work under their guru. Krishna, while collecting the firewood in the forest, felt hungry. He asked his friend Sudama if he had anything to eat. Sudama had a handful of rice, which he gave to Krishna. Krishna ate the rice with relish.

After finishing their education, Sudama returned to his poor household, while Krishna became the king of a powerful kingdom. One day, Sudama's wife asked Sudama to visit his friend Krishna, the emperor. Since they were living in such poverty, maybe Krishna could help them.

Sudama did not want to go, and was ashamed of his poverty. On his wife's insistence, he agreed and reached Krishna's palace with a handful of rice. When he arrived, Krishna came up to the gates and welcomed him. He brought him inside, and seated him. Then, the first question Krishna asked Sudama was, "Have you got a handful of rice? I am feeling very hungry".

Sudama gave the rice to Krishna, who ate it with relish, remembering his days at the ashram. Sudama, who was ashamed and hesitant earlier, was now in tears.

Our society has increasingly become gross and materialistic. Our associations and relationships thrive on our bank balances. We get totally involved in the pleasures of our body. We forget that we are not just bodies, but something beyond. Unlike animals, we have been blessed with a consciousness - with the knowledge of right and wrong.

We are blessed with nobility, which we should maintain and keep things simple and in the right perspective. Artificial relationships and existence only pollutes our personality, and does no good.

Remembering Krishna, reminds us of the purpose of our existence. Krishna is our consciousness. Doing deeds from the depths of our consciousness, ensures that we shall never go wrong - That we do the right deed - the right karma.

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