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Abandon the fear of "colds" and allergies

By Arun Goel

With the "colds" season in full bloom and "allergy-time" on the horizon, I just had to tell you of a natural technique that thousands use to keep their colds, headaches and allergies far away.

This SINGLE technique will keep the sniffing, wheezing and sneezing at bay…..   
 I guarantee it!.

The amazing yoga cleansing technique is called "jalaneti" or simply "neti". Popularly called saline nasal irrigation, it NOT only keeps the sinuses primed up but also keeps the mind fit and calm - a little known aspect of its phenomenal benefits.

A real scary thing about colds, throat infections and allergies is that you can feel them approaching but feel helpless to do anything about it. Drugs - at best - only suppress the symptoms adding their own unique ones in the bargain.

Neti changes all that. Not only is it the ONLY preventive, but even if the symptoms do strike you, you can hold them from exploding into a full blown suffering.

How it is done?
To put it briefly, a special NETI POT is filled with warm and saline water. The spout of the pot is then inserted into one nostril. The position of the head and pot are adjusted so that the water flows out of the other nostril. This procedure is then alternated with the other nostril. That's it. The water drains out flushing the nasal passages and the linings thoroughly. After these the nostrils are dried out through special techniques.

The way in which Jala Neti rinses out the dirt and bacteria filled mucous lining would be obvious to most people as the warm water loosens and dissolves any internal build ups, and takes them outwards. But what may not be so obvious is that, due to gravity and a venturi-effect, the sinus passages are also drained by the vacuum pressure flow of the water. Whereas it would normally be impossible to drain a "dead end" cavity like the sinuses, Jala Neti achieves this ingeniously and simply.
As the water flows past the nasal passages it "sucks" out the virus-infested mucus from the sinus cavities flushing them clean with the saline water.

Why is this technique little known?

Well, can you imagine the loss of revenue for the entire colds and nasal allergy drug market if this 'humble' natural technique was to become popular? Think about it and you'll know why the drug lobbies will never oblige. Heck… I wouldn't be too surprised if you'll even have them preach to you "side effects" of this 100% natural, chemical-free method.

Talking of side effects, the only ones are the "up-side" effects. Let's see what neti does AND has been doing for centuries….

  • At the immediate level, neti is a great tool for any kind of respiratory disorder - sinusitis, allergy, asthma, hay fever to name a few. People invariably notice an immediate relief which drugs fail to achieve.
  • It is of great benefit to problems associated with the eyes and ears such as certain types of deafness, tinitis and myopia.
  • As one learns the advanced stages of neti, it works wonders for throat infections. It helps to re-program the body's natural mechanisms against respiratory complaints including sore throats and coughs.
  • Neti has a cooling and soothing effect for the brain and is therefore beneficial for headaches, migraine, depression, mental tensions and even epilepsy, hysteria and temper tantrums.
  • From the yogic perspective, it stimulates the olfactory bulb and the psychic center called the Ajna Chakra. What this means is that it stimulates better powers of visualization and concentration and gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind.

But the INSTANT benefits are what it does to the sinuses. You don't have to look far to see how HUGE the benefits are for sinus infections and symptoms. We have euphoric users writing in to us every SINGLE day

I am a RN/Paramedic who has allergies and asthma. I have had two sinus operations and depend on the use of Claritin D and Flonase every day. My nasal breathing (now) is just amazing!! The neti pot is so easy to use. I have cut my dose of Flonase in half. I will be a neti pot user for life. I plan on introducing patients and family members to this practice.
- Dean B. Meyer, Indianapolis, IA

True to our tradition of working with beginners, we have worked to make neti an easy and delightful practice through the right neti pot as well as the instructional Video CDROM. This has not only helped beginners overcome the initial fear but also helped them move up to the advanced neti stages quite easily and gain the fullest benefits.

To evaluate these tools and read about what users are saying, click here

Almost ALL of us have suffered from colds, its effects as well as nasal allergies at some time or the other. Now is the opportunity to put such suffering behind us… permanently and naturally.

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