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Neti and Pregnancy

By Arun Goel

Pregnancy is a time when one must be careful of infections. This is because medication should be avoided to the fullest extent possible for the well-being of the foetus.

At the same time, during pregnancy the reproductive mucous membranes soften up and this causes some side effects in the mother's body. The softening up of the tissue results in effects such as a 'runny' nose, hardening of the nasal mucous due to slight nose bleeds and also blocked ears.

At such times, neti or natural saline nasal irrigation is of great help. Neti is recommended in yoga for pregnancy. It is perhaps the ONLY real method to keep away and treat sinus infections naturally and is very popular the world over. In pregnancy, it assumes greater importance because medications for this purpose can have severe side effects.

Besides, there is no real medicine to cure sinus infections. That is why it is very popular among a large percentage of sinusitis prone people.

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Besides, neti (stage 2 in particular) is also very beneficial in keeping throat infections away. It is of great help in relieving headaches and keeps the head light and clear.

Regarding the other benefits, it is excellent for those trying to give up smoking. It helps reprogram the body's mechanism to develop a natural disinclination towards smoking.

In all, neti is a great practice for everyone and is gaining tremendous popularity. It helps you during your pregnant phase to cut out needless medication from your life.

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