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Understanding Deep Relaxation through Yoga nidra.

By Arun Goel

Yoga nidra has been experienced as "the" most powerful relaxation technique known to man. Yet, in yoga, it is used much more than that. The power of this technique is such that it is regularly used as a therapeutic technique to overcome pain, act on the deepest neurosis and even overcome disability in certain cases.

At its simplest level, it may be understood and practised as a way of total physical and mental relaxation. The advanced benefits can be reached with regular practice.

Although Yoga nidra is of great help to insomniacs because it stimulates sleep, it must be understood that Yoga Nidra itself is NOT sleep. At best, it can be described as “Sleep of Awareness”. In conventional “sleep”, we lose control of our senses. But if you seek the greatest benefits, you must transcend this feeling so that you can stimulate the mind in the desired manner and be in control.

If followed correctly, it has a tremendous soothing effect on the mind by freeing it from unresolved contradictions and tensions. It works on the states of mind that actually create and sustain inner conflict. Conflicts may be in the form of unresolved mental issues or even physical disability and disorders.

Yoga Nidra works very effectively on mental resolve, will power and resolutions. Many people testify to the unbelievable power and effectiveness of the resolution (“Sankalpa”) made during the practice of Yoga nidra.

Why? Because it acts at a dormant or subconscious level that we are not aware of. It is just like watering a seed planted deep down in the soil. Each time you water it, you stimulate its growth though you can’t see it. You see it only when it breaks through into the light. Similarly, yoga Nidra works at a subconscious level and you realize it only when it becomes part of your waking life.

How it works?

In Yoga Nidra, your mind is first “scientifically disconnected” from the external surroundings and even from your physical body though well-researched techniques. These are the “awareness rotation” techniques that include sound rotation, body rotation, and breath rotation.
After this has been achieved, the mind is fed with subtle vibrations through Mantra and Visualization methods which reach the deepest and remotest areas of the brain and serve to massage them creating the desired effect.

It is impossible to EXPLAIN how these techniques work. To experience the benefits, you would have to be taught by a learned Yoga master. Personal interactions work best and I would strongly advise you to go ahead - armed with this knowledge - and find a learned practitioner of yoga Nidra.

If you can’t, I would suggest that you seriously evaluate the “Beginners Yoga course” which includes a full audio section of over 90 minutes of guided Yoga Nidra by the Master Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati himself.

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To sum up – Yoga Nidra is a superlative relaxation tool. One hour of effective yoga nidra is equivalent to over 4 hours of sleep.
But, the true purpose of yoga nidra goes well beyond deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra establishes the link between the conscious desires, the will power, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. When this happens you reap all-round powerful benefits and feel in total control of all aspects of your life.

All the best,
Arun Goel

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